Benefits of a Ducted Reverse Cycle AC System

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home or office is actually a bit more complex than you might think. We may tend to think of these systems as all the same apart from their scale, but actually there are many different kinds of systems that people use. Medium-size to large homes and offices are generally better off with a ducted reverse cycle AC system. The reason? All the benefits they bring to their users.

Yes, ducted reverse cycle systems require professional installation, but those who go to the trouble to get them put in place are happy with the result because of the many benefits they bring:

  1. Heating and Cooling

Firstly, ducted reverse cycle systems work very effectively for heating and cooling at the mere flip of a switch. While it’s true that other AC systems do offer both heating and cooling, the ease of switching from one to the other is not as convenient. At times of year when strange weather creates a seemingly paradoxical need for both, the ducted reverse cycle systems help to make life much easier in that respect.

  1. Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Air conditioning systems often get a bad rap over energy efficiency, but ducted reverse cycle systems are generally among the most energy-efficient. In a time where more of us want to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our overall impact on the environment, switching to ducted reverse cycle AC is one way we can start that process.

Greater energy-efficiency means more good news for homes and offices, too, since it inevitably means lower energy bills. It’s rare for anyone to think of AC as being anything other than a huge burden on one’s electricity bill can now in fact be very economical. This efficiency goes for both heating and cooling effects, too.

  1. Room Zoning

While some believe that these larger AC systems are more wasteful because once they’re turned on, they’re turned on everywhere, but this actually is not true. Ducted reverse cycle systems can be operated in individual rooms, and used at different settings all over the property in question. Individual zones can be created centrally, or using panels in each room. Better yet, if there is no one using a particular space, the AC in that space can be shut off, helping the system to achieve even greater efficiency.

  1. Quiet

Another common misconception about larger AC systems is that they are all inherently louder than smaller ones. This is definitely not the case, either. You’ll find that ducted reverse cycle units are actually much quieter than other systems, and don’t create the whirring or humming sounds that can interrupt sleep when used at home on hot nights.

It’s a great thing to cool a room down to the necessary temperature, but it defeats the object of doing so if you are then simply disturbed equally by the noise from the air conditioner.

  1. Can Boost Property Value

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems do require a greater outlay and are a bigger investment to install than typical small-scale units in each room would be. However, between the energy savings and potential added value to one’s property if and when it comes time to sell, then that investment should prove worthwhile.

Central air might be something expected in an office facility, but it’s still quite a nice luxury in a residential setting. If you’re building a premium property, you may as well try to make every aspect of that property as premium as possible.

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