Be Familiar With Different Types Of Marble Tiles

Whether it’s the famous Washington monument, Supreme Court Building, Lincoln Memorial, Taj Mahal or the very well-known sculpture, The Bust of Artemis, they all are made up of marble. Marble is one such stone that not only looks majestic but it also keeps the building strong. It is not just the famous monuments though. Homeowners opt for marble all the time, given its aesthetic qualities, and its higher durability compared to tiles. Not all marbles are equal and so there are several kinds of marbles available in the market, each having their unique properties.

5 Types of marble tiles

1. Carrara marble tile- This is one of the many marble types that is usually available in blue-gray, gray and white colors. In residencies, carrara is often used and due to its whiteness and pristine nature, people used it in their bathrooms. The veining of this marble is sort of liner and it can be soft or small.

2. Calacatta marble tile- This marble type is much similar to the carrara marbles in its color and veining structure. However, it has some unique features such as light color with dark colored veining with thick large pattern. It goes well with the stainless steel kitchens and porcelain themed bathroom. Calacatta is known as a luxury stone and its gold marble tile is very popular among homeowners due to its richness and majestic looks.

3. Statuary marble tile- These marble tiles have a uniform background. They have dramatic veining and light gray tones. This marble looks very shiny and glossy, as it has semi translucent white background. It provides a radiant finish and reflects light well.

4. Crema marfil marble tile- Crema marfil is usually quarried in Spain and you can get it in various tones. Usually these are available in yellowish and light-beige color and are used with other colored and darker natural stones. This is one of those marbles that is commonly used for decoration and flooring purposes. The veining of crema marfil is irregular and intense, which gives it a unique look.

5. Emperador marble tile- It is commonly linked with carrara and calacatta. If you want the marble in brown color then you can choose this one. It is available in different hues of brown and has irregular veins. The fine grains on this marble look amazing and darker colors are just perfect for any floor.

How to clean marble tiles?

Installing marble flooring at your home is not just enough. You will have to take complete care of it to keep it shiny and clean. When the white marble starts turning into a light yellow one then it is the time you should act immediately. So be careful while choosing the best marble tiles for your house. Below mentioned are some of the quick ways to clean your marble-

  • You can use a specialist cleaner to clean it. All that you need to do is to fill the bucket with water, add a little dishwashing soap and then mop it. Use gentle and short strokes in order to avoid any kind of scratches on the floor.
  • In case, you wish to remove those scuff marks, you can just do that with pH neutral mild liquid dishwashing soap. You can apply this soap to a cloth and then rub the area with gentle hand. Make sure that you rub the area in the direction of the grains. Avoid rubbing in circular motions and then use a dry cloth to dry the area.
  • You should avoid using a harsh cleanser on your marble tiles, since it can ruin the aesthetics of marble.

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