Bathroom Remodeling: Tips to Deal with the Limited Space

Dealing with the size of your bathroom or of any other small room during the renovation or remodeling process may turn into a real nightmare unless you have the necessary tools and knowledge to conclude the job successfully.

Due to their unique role and functions, bathrooms may prove particularly problematic when it comes to remodeling. Why? Just because the elements that come in there such as the bathtub, the shower, the toilet or the sink usually come in predefined sizes and shapes that must fit the limited space of a small bathroom.

In this article, we will provide a lot of great tips on how to remodel a small bathroom, specifically three tips on how to make a small bathroom look bigger. And we’re going to start right away with the bathtub.

In a lot of small bathrooms, you’re confined by the bathtub. Now, here’s a tip that is kind of counter-intuitive to what we’re talking about today: Don’t go down on size on your bathtub. So what do we mean by that?

Tip #1 Build a pony wall

If you currently have a 32” wide bathtub, don’t make it a 30” bathtub because, believe it or not, the two inches can be a big deal. So instead, if you have room, build a pony wall. You can do this using 2x4s, and you can backer board to the 2×4, tile around it, and add some type of solid top to it. Actually, you don’t even have to add a solid top; you can use the tile. But on top of the pony wall, you can add a glass panel, and that will make your small bathroom look a lot bigger. So that’s our tip number one: Don’t down-size the bathtub. Instead, build a pony wall and add a glass panel to make the bathroom look bigger.

Tip #2 Add a pedestal sink

Instead of adding a traditional vanity — so you have a box and you’ve got a vanity top — add a pedestal sink. And one in particular that we like a lot for super small bathrooms is a floating pedestal sink. These are easily installed; they actually leave some room underneath them for storage or a step-stool, and they make the bathroom look a lot bigger. A great style of a pedestal sink is one that has a solid steel framing base to it. And the reason why that’s pretty cool is you can add things to the bottom of that base, you can add towels to it, etc. and it looks modern; also, it’s super easy to install.

Now, our pro tip for you is no matter what pedestal sink you install during your home renovations, make sure you’re installing it into some type of wood blocking that’s already in the wall, and that’s super important for stability purposes. So you can use like a 2x material like a 2×4, 2×6, 2×10, whatever it is. Just make sure you’ve got solid backing in the wall for that pedestal sink.

Tip #3 Maximize the shower pan width and cut down the shower curb

The tip number three to make your small bathroom look bigger is to appropriately size the curbed walk-in shower. You can maximize the shower pan itself by leaving it relatively the same size as it came. However, you can make the shower curb smaller by cutting that in half. So instead of having a four-inch wide curb, you can make it into a two-inch wide curb and make your bathroom two inches wider in the process. So again, our tip number three for making your small bathroom look bigger is to maximize the shower pan width but cut down the shower curb if you can.

Hopefully, you like these three tips on how to remodel a small bathroom and make it look bigger. Make sure you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge before starting a remodeling job and everything will go just fine!

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