Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Your bathroom should be the area where you feel de-stressed, invigorated and revitalised. Make sure that it isn’t just a room with a shower, bathtub or a commode. Instead, it should be an area that’s luxuriant, inviting and beautiful. Try these bathroom remodelling themes to transform your bathroom and make it more tranquil. Give your smaller or larger bathroom a boost with these themes.

The Holiday Bathroom Theme

Stylish, attractive and absolutely luxuriant, this is the bathroom theme that Dreammaker ( recommends for medium and smaller bathrooms. The fact that it will make your interiors look larger and more spacious, uncluttered and extravagant at the same time, gives this theme an edge over the others. For this theme, use tiles designed in cooler, monochromatic tones, such as grey and white, complimenting them with shower area tiles in similar color scheme, but smaller tile size. Keep the commode white. For the main bathroom area, experiment with white colored walls to make your bathroom more spacious.


If you have a smaller bathroom, then this blue-bathroom theme with clean, crisp lines is perfect for you. Have a white colored bathtub with a curvier shape and then give it a clean, geometrical touch with wooden slatted outers. You can even include a small bench just next to the bathtub to keep towels or to sit while the water is being filled. For the blue-bathroom theme, make sure that you use blue for tiles, preferring smaller ones for walls and compliment them with white or cooler tiles on the floor. Introduce a few plants here and there. Divide the bathroom’s washbasin area through wooden divider, which covers the washbasin and gives a crisp division to the bathtub area.

Mediterranean theme

Live like Omani Princess in this Moroccan Bathroom

If you have a large bathroom, give it a royal themed touch. For this thematic bathroom, focus on introducing Moorish, arched doorways, with a mirror in the front, so that they add an illusion and depth to the bathroom. Have a cool tub in all white. For a more Turkish and Moroccan theme, you can have small windows with the traditional ‘Jali’ style that can be used for washbasin cabinets as well. Introduce just a hint of black to accentuate the princely, royal look of the bathroom.

Fresh and Bright Turquoise theme


Every bathroom should have an intoxicating and refreshing effect on the user. That’s what gives this theme an edge over the others. The theme has been designed with turquoise, which is quite sunny and bright. To benefit from the theme, have larger, three window panel in your bathroom so that it instantly adds light. Introduce clean, sharp cabinets for the wall and the washbasin to ensure that the place is uncluttered. Contrast everything with cool grey tiles on the floor and a larger mirror with a wider washbasin so that light reflected aptly.

Rich, Spa Bath Theme

Tile your bathroom in silver and keep this style for your master bathroom. Involve the wooden finish for the tiles as well and introduce wooden slats for the door as well have a bench with flowers and pots for a small spa like feel and have a glass walled doors for the shower area. Use pebble art for those below the sink areas.

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