Anatomy Of The Modern American Bedroom

modern-american-bedroomColor, comfort and hi-tech design are increasingly becoming part of the modern American bedroom. This private space is significantly larger than it was just a few decades ago and often multitasks as a personal retreat. Our dream bedrooms often include luxurious materials such as hardwood floors, imported tiles and thick carpet that juxtapose with straight lines and clean design. Remote controlled adjustable beds outfitted with hi-tech mattresses create the ultimate in comfort while watching the latest HD flatscreen, and even mundane accessories like alarm clocks have even joined the modern fold.


One of the most coveted trends in modern homes remains large, open spaces and plentiful windows. The average person wants plenty of space to spread their wings, and as such larger master suites raise a property's desirability. Lush carpeting and hardwood floors represent the pinnacle of modern design, and luxurious built-in features like shelves, display areas, and arches can also be found in newer homes. Light fixtures are also designed using clean lines and often include opaque shades. Mood lighting is everything in the bedroom and is often focused on specific architectural features and . No modern master bedroom is complete without walk-in closets, and full master bathroom as well.


The most prominent piece of furniture in the bedroom is of course still the bed. Bedframes vary widely in style and color, but one of the more popular themes proves platform beds and low profile frames with clean, straight lines. Popular finishes include espresso and wenge, as well as light oak and white. Textiles like leather are becoming popular, and mirror finishes are another growing trend especially on casegoods. Most modern American bedrooms also feature a dresser, nightstands, a full length mirror, and possibly a decorative chair for reading and getting dressed.

Another furniture item increasingly joining the bedroom are adjustable beds. Modern adjustable bases operate electronically and are designed to fit into contemporary bedrooms. These bases allow people to customize their sleeping position and enjoy additional features like massage, alarms, and much more. Dual bases even allow partners to customize their bed to meet their own needs without having to sleep apart.


Modern mattresses have come a long way from the traditional innerspring, and remain a prominent purchase for every bedroom. Many types of specialty mattresses are growing in popularity, from memory foam and latex to air beds and now even gel-infused beds. Recent iterations of memory foam have been designed to sleep cooler and reduce other complaints, and memory foam is now the top ranking category in terms of owner satisfaction (making it increasingly likely that modern bedrooms will feature these space-age beds. Eco-friendly mattresses are becoming increasingly popular as well, as Americans aim to make their homes healthier and reduce their impact on the environment.


The modern American bedroom also typically includes a fair amount of technology. Whether a modest television or a large 3D flat screen which features remote control, dvd players and explosive sound systems, the bedroom is now a leading focal point for entertainment. Speakers may be inconspicuously built into headboards, walls, and ceilings, and some designer beds even include flat screens which can be raised or lowered within the footboard via remote. Alarm clocks and radios have also gone high tech, with models that will actually tell you what time it is when their button is pressed to those that respond to voice controls or run across the room to ensure sleepers awake.


Bold but soothing colors accompany many modern bedrooms, and neutrals remain popular as well, often set off by an accent color. Natural bedding is used to create sumptuous comfort, such as high thread count organic cotton, silk, bamboo and wool. It drapes well, feels much softer than synthetic material and lasts for years with minimal care. Nothing screams comfort like a stack of pillows and these too have drastically improved in the past few years. Overall, the trends favor uncluttered, minimalist designs with well-organized spaces that promote relaxation.
The modern American bedroom certainly varies from home to home, and region to region, but there are features that prove consistently popular like spacious rooms, luxurious mattresses, and increasingly, modern technology. As we can see, today's bedrooms often serve as multi-functional spaces, where homeowners sleep, watch TV, work, and relax. With each technological revolution, our homes, comfort, and quality of life evolve, all concepts evidenced by the anatomy of the modern American bedroom.

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