Amazing Ideas for Restoring Old Furniture

A few years ago me and my boyfriend bought a new apartment just for the two of us. Then we were in a huge dilemma whether to buy new furniture or to use some old chairs and dressers from our previous homes. The furniture was out of fashion and it didn’t match the style of the walls and the windows.

Suddenly, a great idea came to my mind. I decided to keep the old furniture for financial reasons but to make a few changes on its decoration by using some art methods. I’ve always wanted to do something like this but I have never had the courage. Now when I know that these are old items I am brave enough to experiment.

old-chair-renovation5Interior design is an ocean of opportunities to develop your skills and creativity. Don’t be scared of trying something different, just pull the trigger of your imagination and wait to see what happens. In art, mistakes are impossible to be made because everything can easily be fixed.

Here are a few examples of how you can improve old furniture on your own:


Old classic chairs are extremely beautiful with their soft clean lines but when used many years their colour fades away and they are no longer that charming as they’ve been before. Another thing I consider as a minus about them is the hard wooden seat which is not that comfortable when used more than an hour. By changing these two things your new chair will be not only better looking but also much more comfy. First, choose a colour for your chair which will match the entire interior and buy some acrylic paint. After you are ready with all the painting it’s time to cover your chair pad or cushion with a fabric. Then secure the casing to the bottom of the pillow with the help of fabric tacker. Then fix it to the chair. When buying some fabric you must choose a pattern that matches the colour of the chair. You should also be careful about the cloth material. I recommend you to count on a material that could make the upholstery cleaning easier later on.

You can renovate bookshelves, drawers, dressers or even desks by changing their colour and painting flowers, birds or simple lines with acrylic paint. It’s a good idea to browse the Internet for inspiration. But be careful about the colour combinations you make because the chance of reaching a poor taste result is big.

I also like decorating pots and make them match the entire interior. That’s the reason why I always buy white and clean ones, which are actually with more affordable pricing. Use your imagination for the decoration of the pots. You can use many materials such as: acrylic paint, ribbons, fabric, buttons, brocade, treads, paper, stickers and many others that pop up in your mind.

Buying new items and furniture is for boring moneybags who are not as creative as you and me are. Have fun while renovating and decorating your home.


If you have any questions, please ask below!