Amazing bedroom designs from 2016

2016 was another year where the world’s top interior designers put their efforts into creating some bedrooms that pushed the boundaries of what we can expect from our sleeping spaces. For many people, the bedroom is the area where we can really make some incredible designs as it’s one of the few spaces of the house that remain relatively private.

Some designs kept it ultra-simple with a minimalist look that allowed the eye to feast on the 6ft mattress, and others made an effort to ramp up the style with gothic flourishes. And then there were plenty of other designers who took their inspiration from different nations across the world. But whatever direction people went in, it all made for some fascinating bedrooms!


Minimalism once again played a huge part of 2016’s bedroom aesthetic. This has been one o the dominant trends over the past decade as it provides a stripped-back and sleek look that is not only relatively easy to implement, but is simple to maintain too. Many designs sought an almost ‘hotel’ style simplicity that offered a contemporary feel with simple colour choices and state-of-the-art furniture.

The bedroom in the above photograph shows how a bold red colour palette can be used for devastating effect when placed against cool whites and some well-chosen pieces of mid-century modern furniture. The overall effect is kept from being too stark by the implementation of some well-chosen curved lines in the bedside furniture, plus the use of floral touches is a failsafe option for adding a touch of life.


Others weren’t so taken in by the minimalist trend. Take this wonderfully ornate bedroom design that uses chandeliers, floor-length curtains and incredible window detail to summon up an other-worldly gothic glamour. Whilst the use of startling historical imagery in the form of elaborate statues and antique cabinets might not be for every taste, it does make a change to the somewhat generic nature of many modern room designs.

But what really makes this room work is the simple bed which provides the focal point for the design, and is a worthwhile reminder why a decent 6ft wide super king size bed from the likes of Bedstar can be an essential part of any bedroom design. And with some tastefully chosen candles to sit beside your bed, it’ll really add a suitable sense of gothic drama!


The Scandinavian trend was another big hit in 2016. This room takes the core themes of the Nordic design schemes to create a lovely light bedroom space. The Nordic look is all about using soft colour schemes to make the most of whatever natural light there is available, and it always has a subtle welcoming and friendly feel that’s well-suited to any home.

With clean white walls, plenty of comforting wooden touches, and some lovely folk art inspired soft furnishings, it showed how we can all get a contemporary feel, without necessarily living in a sterile space. And once again, the use of plantlife and those wonderfully rustic logs have meant that natural themes and modernity can beautifully coexist.

And finally for the ultra-minimalist look, it was interesting to see how the Japanese trend is looking to add another option for design fans. This trend has been a massive hit over the past year as it offers a much-needed sense of calm in today’s hectic world, and it retains an air of simplicity that can easily be implemented into just about any living area.

The Japanese interior style offers a sleek and simple look that makes full use of natural lighting to illuminate the simple space for maximum impact that’s particularly well-suited to neutral tones and natural greens and olives. And although the idea of sleeping on a futon bed might be a little austere, you can make sure that it’s as comfortable as possible by getting a good 6ft mattress to add a real touch of luxury!

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