Advantages of Basement Waterproofing

basement-waterproofingWhen my husband and I decided to purchase our own home, we didn't have to argue whether to or not to get a basement! This is mainly because the house that we used to rent had a basement, and we were so happy with it. For starters, my husband was able set up his mini-gaming centre there; he and his friends got to spend their boys' night out downstairs as if they have their very own arcade or casino for Poker Night! The rest of the space I had used to store the things I didn't want scattered around our old rental home.

Our Dilemma

There was, however, one little problem in our new home we had bought: the basement was not waterproofed. Every now and then, we faced the problem of damp and mouldy floors and walls. There was also a time when our basement had that "after rain" smell that kept us away from the area for days! Yuck! We knew we had to have our basement waterproofed to create a new den and storage.

Why You Should Opt for Basement Waterproofing

If you are in the process of contemplating whether it's worth it, or my story is not convincing enough, below are the top advantages of basement waterproofing.

  • Prevents Health Risks. Did you know moulds that are toxic propagate in a matter of hours? Imagine ignoring moisture in your basement for months! Waterproofing your basement can prevent this dampness and totally eliminate the chances of mould colonies. These colonies can contaminate the air that you and your family breathe. Some also cause skin allergies especially to kids. With basement waterproofing, you can be more confident when your family spends more time in the basement, even during rainy days.
  • Saves electricity. Basement waterproofing helps save energy in both the warm and cold months. In the warm months, moisture greatly affects humidity in the area. And when your air conditioning unit senses humidity it will exert more effort to cool the air. On the other hand during cold days, seeping cold air can require your heater to work double time. Aside from higher electricity costs these can also exhaust your appliances. So opt for this procedure that can greatly cut both your utility and depreciation costs.
  • Avoids dry rot. One of the common problems with basements is when the timber rots, weakening the entire structure altogether. Aside from the possibility of collapse, the bigger danger comes when you and your family spend time in the area frequently. This risk is brought about by, you guessed it, moisture. Basement waterproofing is the number one solution to this problem since it prevents dampness from getting in and consequently preserving the integrity of the timber.
  • Protects your home. You may still be paying your mortgage, like us. Every month, we all feel the cost of our investment so it is also important for us to protect what we are working hard for. Sure, basement waterproofing will cost a little extra, but think about its benefits for your home. Aside from keeping it safe, the house also stays in perfect shape. Trust me, when it's time to value your home, you'll be so happy you had your basement waterproofed!

The construction firm that will perform the service will do an ocular inspection prior to quotation. Ask questions and state your concerns. This way, you can get a guarantee that the end-product will be what you want. It may take some time, money and trouble to get the basement waterproofing finished but it will surely be worth it.

Jini Saltire is a writer and blogger who writes for LeraBlog and Aqua Master Plumbing about subjects to do with the home and home improvements of all shapes and sizes.

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