Add a Designer Jute Rug to Your Room

When decorating your home, style and comfort are generally the two factors which have the strongest influence on the decisions you make, and understandably so. You want your home to be full of all the things you like the most; your home is a place that you not only want to be proud of, but that you want to reflect your style and personality. But being comfortable in your home is paramount, and sometimes it can be difficult to make decorative decisions that incorporate both aspects of a well put-together home.

In particular, choosing rugs to put on the floors of your home can not only involve making challenging stylistic decisions, but can often be an expensive consideration to make. Rugs come in a wide range of variant styles, colors, weaves, materials, and prices. So how do you go about choosing the right rug for you? One thing to consider is the health of your home. Rugs made of synthetic fibers can often be harmful to you and your home, exposing you to the toxins and chemicals of their manufacture, and contributing to the environmental unfriendliness of your home. Fortunately, there are many natural alternatives, one of the most generally preferable being that of a jute rug. A designer jute rug can be a healthy, stylish, and comfortable addition to your room.

Tips to Select the Perfect Jute Rug

You may not think that there could possibly be a jute rug out there that will fit your style and standards of comfort well enough to not only satisfy, but ultimately please you. And its true, jute rugs may not be for everyone. If you, however, are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to the synthetic rugs that can pollute your home with harmful chemicals, a jute rug is something you ought to seriously consider.

When selecting a jute rug, there are a few things to keep in mind that may influence your final decision. For instance, consider where the jute rug is going to be in your home. Jute is a strong, durable natural fiber that holds up well underfoot. This means that a designer jute rug can last for a long time in your home, providing the coverage you need and the durability that you want. Jute rugs are also widely available in a huge variety of styles. They can be woven with simplicity or intricacy and even effectively retain colors and dyes, so the chances that you will be able to find a jute rug that is suitable to your style are significantly high.

Advantages and Health Benefits of Jute Rugs Over Other Rugs

Jute rugs are woven from one of the most abundant natural fibers being used today, and because all of the materials are plant-based, it is much more environmentally friendly than rugs woven with synthetic fibers and manufactured in environments that expose them to toxins and chemicals that can pollute your home. Jute rugs are not only strong and durable, but soft as well. You may find yourself considering the placement of Wool rugs in your home, mainly due to their infamous soft texture. But wool rugs can be difficult and expensive to clean, not to mention highly expensive to buy. Jute rugs, however, are extremely inexpensive in comparison. Designer jute rugs are very cheap due to the plentiful and widespread natural growth of jute and the frequency with which these rugs are produced. If you are looking for a rug that a safe, stylish, and affordable alternative to synthetic or expensive rugs, a designer jute rug may be for you.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Jute Rug

Rugs that are made from synthetic or expensive materials are often difficult and expensive to clean and maintain. But jute rugs are easy to clean and do not stain nearly as easily as rugs from other materials. Because they are so durable and strong, the maintenance of a jute rug requires comparatively minimal effort. They hold up well against stains because of the thickness of their fiber and the natural sheen of their material. Many jute rugs come in their own natural brown and tan hues, and this also make any stains far less noticeable.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is the potential location of a designer jute rug in your home, as areas that will expose it to high levels of moisture or sunlight can cause it to fade and deteriorate. Otherwise, designer jute rugs are a stylish and inexpensive alternative to expensive rugs and rugs made with synthetic, and potentially harmful, materials.

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