A Guide to Glass Balustrading System

Balustrades are basically supporting arrangements that connect the main body of a staircase to the hard rail. The design of a balustrade, its material, and location has a great impact on the staircase’s overall appearance.

What is a Glass Balustrading System?

A glass balustrading system is a balustrading system that uses a toughened glass, which is mixed with a standard handrail and steel frame. They are designed in a way that makes the staircase or balcony or terrace, unique, stylish and safe. Since they are considered to be a cost-effective and beautiful solution, many new houses and high-end buildings are using glass balustrade in their construction.


The placement of glass balustrade system poses no problem. There are numerous places in a building or house where one can install these systems. For installing an indoor system, bathrooms and staircases are the common choices. Terrace, garden or balconies are common choices for outdoor systems.


There are two types of glass balustrade systems. These are framed glass balustrade system and Frameless glass balustrade system.

  • Framed Glass Balustrade System:

The framed glass balustrade system basically contains panels of glass mixed with a handrail system and a steel frame. This system is stylish, modern and elegant. It provides a clear and perfect view with a touch of steel, thereby making it more unique.

The framed glass balustrade system is much tougher and safer as compared to the frameless glass balustrade system. It is perfect for various modern designs. This system is most commonly used for terraces, balconies, and companies. Although being quite fabulous, it has some disadvantages. Since the clear vision is not of very high quality, the view may be damaged. The panels in this system has lots of space between them. Also, this system may not be perfect for people who don't prefer steel, since it contains a steel frame.

  • Frameless Glass Balustrading System:

The frameless glass balustrade system is an elegant and modern system. It is more beautiful as compared to framed glass balustrade system. The steel work or barrels are absent, thereby providing a nice view of the surrounding area. For places that overlook a great view, this system is highly recommended. Like framed glass balustrade system, it has its own disadvantages. For every design of decoration, this style cannot fit. Another disadvantage, which is common to both framed as well as frameless glass balustrade system, is that the glass should be cleaned at least once every week.


For glass balustrade to have their best appearance, proper maintenance is needed.

  • Cleaning:

As compared to the balustrades made of other materials like stainless steel, those made of glass require less maintenance. But still they must be regularly cleaned for removing contaminants and dirt and to keep them sparkling. The steel fixings and glass can be washed with the help of a soft cloth and a mild detergent. The detergent can then be rinsed off with the help of fresh water. For drying the balustrade, a soft cloth can be used. It also helps in obtaining a streak free and clear finish. It is essential to remember that strong cleaning products should not be used for cleaning. Also, abrasive solvents or cleaners, as well as products which are acidic in nature or are alcohol based, must not be used.

  • Protection:

Protection should also be applied to the glass balustrades. This will make the cleaning of glass much easier. Also, this will stop the occurrence of any damage. A special wax can be used to treat the glass. This wax reduces the frequency and the amount of time it takes for cleaning the glass. The protective glass coating is another useful option.

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