A Guide to Choosing New Bathroom Accessories

Interior decoration does not always rely on very expensive furniture to be successful. Today, many designers believe that simple, yet elegant accessories can have the best impact. Obviously, for somebody who does not have much experience in this particular topic, going into an IKEA store or a specialized decoration boutique might be a daunting task.

Bathroom accessories

A complete book could probably be written on the topic! Today, however, we will focus more precisely on the topic of bathroom accessories by giving you a few insights on how to lead your own makeover project..

Understanding your needs before going shopping

Before going to the store, you have to make yourself a plan. What do you like about your current bathroom and what should be changed or improved?

In general, eight simple accessories are the basis of any bathroom. They are:

  1. The towel rails
  2. The toilet paper holders
  3. The bathroom shelves
  4. The tower rings
  5. The toilet brush holders
  6. The soap dishes
  7. The robe hooks
  8. The toothbrush holders

Start by looking at these different elements. Do you feel that they contribute to the current style of your bathroom or are they bland and traditional? Instead of investing a few thousand dollars in a new bathroom vanity, you could shed instead a few hundreds on these and still achieve a nice change.

Is that it? Of course not! If you buy a new towel rail, you might as well see if you could not get new towels instead. You should find colors that match the style you want to diffuse in your bathroom. Green apple, for example, is a relaxing color that fits very well in most homes. People also appreciate light blue or white. You should prioritize bushy, comfy towels: they will not only be more comfortable but will also look better than thin ones.

If you are looking for a second perspective on bathroom accessories, we found the following video to be pretty informative:


Being consistent is the key

If you want your bathroom to fit, you'll have to be careful. People often buy accessories as they fall in love with different items during their shopping sprees, and then they realize that their beautiful Angry Birds toothbrush holder does not exactly belong with the rest of the items. As much as possible, you'll try to avoid that kind of behavior.

As another example, if you are trying to design a contemporary bathroom, why would you buy ornate accessories? Just go for products with clean lines and a timeless design: you won't make any mistake by going in that direction.

Stainless is a winner these days

In opposition to the traditional chrome that was used in most bathrooms, stainless steel has a very strong advantage: it does not peel or flake. You will be thankful for its durability a few years from now, believe me! It is also a low maintenance material that has a nice look. It can either be polished or matt, depending on the kind of finish you are looking for.

A few extra ideas to make everything more comfy

Shower panel

Now that you have a strong basis to build your bathroom style's on, you might want to add to it by buying a few more elements that will make your life better. Shower panels should definitely be considered if you have between 500$ and 2000$ to spend on a luxury furniture. It's an add-on to your regular shower that shoots high-pressured water jets from different spots of the column, in opposition to the traditional shower pommel that concentrates the water on the head of the target. It gives a nice little massage in the morning, which is a great way to start the day.

The heated towel rail, on another side, is a lot cheaper but serves a very practical purpose: increasing the drying speed of your towels and reducing the germs' proliferation at the same time. Towels often start to smell bad after one or two days when they are left on a normal towel rail, but this issue is avoided when the rail is heated.

Of course, if you need specific counseling, the best thing to do is to discuss with a professional salesman in a specialized bathroom boutique. It should help you find new ideas.

If you have any questions, please ask below!