A Bedroom Makeover: 7 Ways to Create a Sleep Sanctuary

efeffdDid you know that a happy and productive life starts in your room? As a kid, you probably didn’t care about how messy your room can get. But as you get older, you’ll eventually realize that having a sleep sanctuary is essential to live a better life. After all, your bedroom is where you begin and conclude every single day. Keeping your room clean, tidy, and organized would make a sleep sanctuary.

While it is true that decluttering your bedroom may take some of your time and efforts, you will always see a satisfying result. But before anything else, there are certain things to consider to prevent any costly mistakes. Moreover, being mindful of the things you do will make the tasks easier and faster for you to do.

  • Start an idea book and create a floor plan

To create an idea room, you need to have an inspiration on what you want to have or do with your room. Perhaps, you can gather some inspirational images and collect the best in an idea book. By getting some inspiration from different images, you will eventually know what you want to do. And once you have the general view of your design, you can now start arranging or renovating your room. Moreover, having an inspiration will help you choose which design will suit your taste and for your bedroom.

  • Think about color and lighting

When it comes to bedroom makeover, you do not just think about its design but also its color and light. Whether you realize it or not, these will give your room an in-depth. But before you decide to buy paint enough for the whole room, you can use extra-large paint swatches or get sample-size amounts to trying out colors directly on the wall to prevent any costly mistakes. Moreover, the right lighting can instantly make the biggest change in your room. That means, you also have to be mindful when choosing the right lighting fixtures that will look good in your room. Perhaps, you can add some ambiance with cafe lights strung across the ceiling, and install some dimmer switch for an overhead fixture.

  • Decide which furniture to keep

Bedroom makeover would also mean deciding which furniture you have in your room to keep. Of course, you are not going to put all your furnishings in one place. Right? This will only make the room look congested. That is why it is necessary for you to know what furniture is best for your room. Moreover, before you buy anything new, consider updating your existing furniture with fresh paint or knobs. With this, you are not just saving a lot of money, but you are also saving some space for your room.

  • Shop for new items

If you do not have any old furniture that you can reuse or recycle, you can look for fresh and new pieces that can be used in your room. Moreover, you can have small side tables, cushions, throw blankets, lamps, and small-scale armchairs to add a welcoming ambiance whenever you come into your room.

  • Go on a “cool junk” hunt together

While it is true that buying furniture from a flea market can cost you less, there are a lot of things you can choose such as antiques and other collectibles where you cannot purchase it in the department store. If you are mindful of the design of each furniture, you might want to shop at a flea market. Moreover, this is also the time where you can see different and unique designs that would perfectly match your room.

  • Incorporate photos of friends

There will always be advantages when you display some pictures of your room. Perhaps, this can give you some motivation or inspiration to do the things you love and reach your dreams. But aside from displaying your picture and the picture of your family, you can also have the picture of your friends. With this design, it will sure to give you an opportunity to have some recent photo printed. You can put them on frames or a tape up in a rotating display.

  • Try a small DIY project

An excellent way to decorate your home is to make it personal. That means, incorporating creativeness in your project would make a great room. Perhaps, you can have some old things that you might want to recycle and make it into something useful for your room. Give it a touch of your personality. With this, you can do the things that are on your mind.

Admittedly, there is nothing more satisfying than lying in your bedroom. Although there are a lot of stuff you need to consider before you start a room makeover, you’ll have a good result. Moreover, just make sure that everything you do would match your style for you to appreciate the things you have done.


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