9 Types Of Chairs That You Can Fit In Your Home Architecture

Chairs are single seat furniture that can seat just one individual. It is minimalistic and do not occupy much space but is great in utility. Chairs are furniture accessories that you can put anywhere in your interior or exterior without needing to change a set up or decoration. Chairs come in a variety of designs which means you can choose the best chairs that will suit your taste and interior decoration requirements. Here we list 9 types of chairs that you would like to install in your rooms.

Types of chairs

  1. Wing chair

Wing chair is most suitable to living rooms, bedrooms and reading corners. The chair is also called as wingback chair. It is durable with short wood legs and solid back. Salient feature of the chair is the wings or side panels that are meant for the purpose of saving people sitting on the chair from drafts. A conventional wingchair can measure up to 40-inches. This chair is ideal for lounging, reading, and taking naps in afternoons. It offers great privacy and comfort if you want to be alone.

  1. Occasional chair

This is best used for decorating rooms, filling empty spaces and providing extra seating. The occasional chair is also called as accent chair because its design and make up is meant to accentuate the environment and add richness and beauty to the rooms. It also derives its name from the functionality it offers to homes as it is used occasionally. You can fit the chair wherever you want to fill an empty space or want to enhance the looks of your interior furniture setting.

  1. Club Chair

This chair takes its name from the utility it provides in a club setting. It has lower backs and arms and it is boxy and curved. Club chairs are rich in quality and taste because they are typically made with leather upholstery. It is mostly suited for clubs, restaurants, and available in 37” to 29” width and is deep from 39” 41” to provide immense comfort.

  1. Side Chair

Its best uses include dining rooms, guest sitting in office and extra seating in home. Side chairs have always been termed as dining room chairs where they are required to accommodate an extra person at the table. It has solid back, open arms and clearly visible frame. The chair is mostly bare and not subjected to upholstering. This is choice for living room chairs when you need to seat extra guests.

  1. Slipper chair

Slipper chair is without armrest and upholstered chair and it has short legs and high back. The chair can be with angled back or curved which also makes the chair huge the user.

  1. Recliner Chair

Recliner chairs are extremely comfortable and relaxing and they are suitable for casual living rooms, dens and family rooms. A recliner is heftily upholstered and it is a traditional chair that has been in vogue since many centuries. Like the name suggests you can recline and put up your feet on the foot rest and enjoy a short nape or simply reclining. Usually made for bigger spaces the chair can be modified to suit smaller spaces.

  1. Chaise lounge

Chaise lounge is actually a long chair and it is used outdoors extensively for relaxed seating. Another area where a chaise lounge is installed is your bedroom. Chaise lounge can also come without back or arm and the backless chaise lounge is used at the foot of the bed or end of the bed. It can come in sizes of 74-78 inches length.

  1. Chair and Half

This is a useful piece of furniture or seating that is smaller than a sofa or love seat and bigger than a chair. It is best for lounging and ideal for enhancing the quality of your living room. You can place them in bedrooms however this piece of furniture owing to its chair and half design is not as popular as other furniture. It comes in sizes of 50 or 60”.

  1. Klismos Chair

It comes in unique design and used as side chair, occasional chair and is designed with a wood frame. It is upholstered partially or fully and has remained as a historical chair design which is still popular. The design has been taken from the Greeks and they used to be light in weight and with graceful design.

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