9 Critical Home Repairs that You Dare Not Ignore

upgrade-home_mainOwning a house is a huge investment. In case it is not properly looked after, the expenses incurred owing to poor maintenance may strike you really hard. To avoid the unnecessary charges, you need to undertake some repairs early in the day. Postponing or neglecting these repairs can cost you a lot.

  • Leakage in Roof

If water continually seeps into the home, you are risking structural damage and even a fire in case water comes in contact with the electric wires. You may end up destroying your personal property as well owing to leakage in the roof. Take care of your roof as soon as possible in case you find any sign of leakage. You need not replace the entire roof but the longer you wait, the more expensive the solution will be.

For fixing the leakage yourself, you need to find the source of the leakage. This is quite tricky and thus, it is better to engage the professionals.

  • Overloaded Electrical System

The switches or outlets that feel warm, the fuses that blow out frequently and the flickering lights point to power running through an outdated electrical wiring.

Don't try your hand at handling this task yourself. A professional can diagnose as well as repair the faulty electrical system with ease.

  • Crack in the Foundation

A crack in the foundation can threaten the very structure of your house. Inspect the foundation of your house along the outside to find cracks. Get in touch with a professional as soon as possible in case you find a crack that is bigger than 3/16 of an inch.

  • Peeling Paint

Paint not just helps with enhancing the beauty of the house, it also protects the walls of the house against moisture, rodents, pests and climate. The exterior paint chiefly aids protecting the house from harsh weather conditions. In case it begins to peel off, you need to take action immediately since moisture may enter the wall or the wood, harming it substantially.

  • Fungal Growth

Water seepage causes mold on the carpets, floor and the walls. In case there is mold in your house, your house will give off a musty odour.

In case there is mold growth in a small area, try cleaning it yourself with chlorine. However, in case it is a huge patch, it's better to get help from an expert.

  • Smoky Chimney

It is very important to maintain the chimney. Creosote tends to build up, birds make nests and other debris get into the chimney as well. Make sure that you clean the chimney at regular intervals.

If you don't clean it up at least once every year, you are risking carbon monoxide poisoning and even a fire. You save a huge sum of money by calling the chimney sweeps at regular interval as they prevent your family from getting sick and eliminate the chances of a fire as well.

  • Clogged Gutter

The clogged gutters can cause huge problems in all parts of the house as they leak water onto the walls, foundation and the roof. All the home insurance companies do not cover these leakages either and thus, you need to prioritise cleaning the gutters. Keep the gutters clear and ensure that they empty far away from the foundation of your house.

  • Plumbing Leakage

All leaks, regardless of the size, must be addressed as soon as they are detected. The leakages may manifest themselves as a discoloured place on the wall or the ceiling that grows in the form of a leaking bulge.

If you take care of the cracked pipes, you can save your house from permanent damage. Moreover, you can also save on your bills.

  • Cracks in Basement

While walking down the basement, if you see cracks in the walls or the floor, it's better to repair the problem as soon as possible. The cause behind is poor drainage that allows water to sit around the house.

It is better not to attempt repairing it yourself. At times, this type of maintenance needs the exterior basement wall to be water-proofed. It is better to get in touch with a contractor to get the problem assessed and the requisite measures taken.

Make sure that the maintenance work in the house is done on time. This will help you maintain safety and can also help you to save a lot of money. Remember that ignoring the vital things about home maintenance does not just shoot the charges up but it can also endanger you as well as your family.


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