7 Ways to Quickly Freshen up the Design of Your Living Room

modern living room furnitureIf you've decided to start a new life in the new year, and want to start with changing the place where you live, there is no need to actually move - or even arrange a full-scale redesign of your apartment. Use these simple tips, and you won't recognize the all-familiar living room once you're done with it.

1. Add Decorative Mirrors to Enlarge Your Rooms and Add Light to Them

Cleverly located mirrors can create an illusion of large space even in small rooms. In addition to that, placing them directly across the windows will immediately add natural light to poorly illuminated rooms and, again, will make them look larger than they really are.

2. Change Window Treatments

The ways windows in your house are decorated play an extremely important part in the overall interior design of your rooms. Simply by changing the window treatments, trying out new color schemes, replacing curtains with blinds or shade, looking for suitable custom window treatments that would reflect your personal view, you may completely transform the way your room is perceived, make it visibly larger, more stylish - whatever you need.

3. Change the Slip-Covers of Your Furniture

Slip-covers are an excellent way to instantly change the way your room looks without going to too much expense. Having a number of them allows you to alter the interior of the room depending on the season, occasion or your mood. In addition to that, with slip-covers you need not be afraid that somebody will get stains all over your previous sofa - changing and washing a cover is much easier than dry cleaning the entire piece of furniture.

4. Add Plants to Your Living Space

If your living room is largely devoid of life, you may instantly change its atmosphere - quite literally, by the way - by adding some green. Potted plants are inexpensive, leave you a lot of choice as to how exactly you want to place them and which species you are going to use, immediately change the overall impression produced by the room and make the air better to boot. It will, however, be a good idea to consult a professional before going on a shopping spree - you should realistically select them based on the air humidity, amount of sunlight and your own ability to take care of them.

5. Use Rugs to Add Comfort, Softness and Warmth

Some people absolutely hate rugs and their kin, others adore them. If you don't have a particular opinion about them as of yet, why not try them out? Hardwood floors are stylistically beautiful and easy to maintain, but sometimes in the middle of winter one wants something more warm and cozy underfoot - and rugs can be a perfect way to add some comfort to your little world.

6. Choose Two Contrasting Colors

Pull the design of your room together by choosing two contrasting colors and using them throughout the room in a repeating pattern in all the aspects of design, from pillows on the sofa to bookshelves and tables. This will help to create the sense of unity and integrity, making the room's decoration a true design rather than a mish-mash of non-related elements.

7. Move Your Paintings

If you have many paintings and other art decorating the walls, try taking them all off and moving them to different locations or different rooms altogether. When you see them in places you are not used to, you are sure to see them in an entirely new light - it may even feel as if you see them for the first time.

As you may see, there is no need to invite an interior designer and rebuild half your house to give it a new look. These quick fixes may be all you need to give your dwelling a completely new look - and yourself a jolt of energy to jump into the new year.

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