7 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Beautiful and Exciting

revgetvweThe living room is the most important part of any home without any doubt. Updating any part of your home is a cumbersome task. Similarly, most people have no idea of how to revamp a living room or how much money they actually need to spend. Regardless of the style of your living room, it is in fact very easy to remodel it. You just need to consider the architectural details of your living room and go back to the basics to make it more enticing and comfortable.

Following are few exceptional ideas to consider if you want to make your living room more exciting and visually breathtaking.

  • Install Ceiling Beams:

If you own a modern home, the ceilings of your living room might be very simple. Beautiful ceiling beams can add some character to the room without making it look too traditional. For instance, faux timber beams are lightweight, extremely beautiful and very easy to install. Similarly, the interest, warmth and elegance they will add to the room are matchless. Before installing the beams, always measure the scale of your room so that they don’t appear too heavy to eyes.

  • Textured Fireplace:

Most of the traditional and even modern living rooms tend to have a fireplace. You can consider sprucing it up with a nice looking textured element. For instance, a granite fireplace surround will impart a sensational visual focus to any living room. Similarly, taking the surround all the way to the ceiling will make your room look bigger and taller as well.

  • Add a Niche:

Adding a niche can be an eye-catching and pleasant architectural addition if you are considering a full-scale remodel of your living room. For instance, a corner seat will do the job nicely for you. However, if built-in seating is difficult to achieve, the shelving alone can work wonders for you as well.

  • Update the Walls:

If the living rooms is devoid of any real architectural features altogether, you can update its walls to make it more attractive. For example, you can do a simple and affordable update by using elegant wall frames. If your room already has a chair rail, paint the frames in the contrasting color and hang them below the rails. Always leave some space between the frames and an ordinary room will transform into something special.

  • Use Bricks:

The trend of using externally exposed bricks breathed its last in 1970s. Thankfully, this gorgeous look is garnering popularity among homeowners once again. The humble and beautiful bricks can add unparalleled drama and character to all living rooms built in any style. You can use new bricks to exude the colors of your furniture and floor. On the other hand, old bricks give a beautiful feel to the living room as they are mostly handmade and extremely classy. However, never forget to insulate old bricks to increase their lifespan. A metal sealant will give a more earthy and organic look to the room as well.

  • Update Doors:

If your living rooms have glass or French doors, it is a sensational ideal to update those using horizontal muntins. Such muntins will add a touch of craftsmanship and class to the entire room. The horizontal lines can increase visual space quite considerably. They can help you create a calm ambiance and convey stability. You can also get a more of Gregorian feel in your room by installing vertical muntins.

  • A Redesigned Home:

Modern architecture is usually devoid of embellishments but traditional homes have more elaborate and decorated doors, ceilings, windows, and walls. In this regard, you can accentuate the looks of existing features by pushing them into background and adding new ones through a simple redesign. Similarly, you can pay homage to a traditional living room by keeping its architectural details and colors neutral and adding style through modern furniture.

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