7 Tips for Buying Furniture Online in Canada

furnitureMy husband and I live in Canada. When we purchased our first home after years of living in an apartment, we told ourselves that we would ditch our old, outdated furniture. As we were apprehensive about the expense of buying new furniture, we spent much time scouring the web for ways to proceed. Here are some tips that you can consider when checking out online shopping sites in Canada:

  1. Be cautious when picking a furniture website.

The World Wide Web is a huge marketplace, with tens of thousands of shopping websites to choose from. As not all of these online retailers are reputable, it is good to investigate the ‘About’ page on a retailer’s website, allowing you to see the company’s history, their address and any contact information. Store reviews published on third-party websites are also an excellent indication of how a company interacts with their customers. Whilst most companies will probably have a few negative reviews amongst mostly positive feedback, an overwhelming majority of customer complaints suggests that it is worth looking elsewhere.

  1. Check the website’s return policy.

Do they have a clear return policy? Do they charge a re-stocking fee? If their return procedure is complicated enough to discourage customers from returning their purchases – meaning that they can afford to sell products of an inferior quality whilst avoiding large quantities of returns – don’t do business with them.

  1. Don’t buy furniture without checking the S&H fees.

Legitimate stores explain their shipping policy clearly on their website, to be found on their FAQ page and other places. Some stores do not charge a shipping fee if you purchase a certain value or amount, whilst others have extremely high shipping and handling rates. This can transform what might first seem like a cheap deal into the opposite, so make sure to check this before buying furniture from a Canadian website.

  1. Shop at furniture stores that offer a wide range of options.

If you’re planning to furnish your entire home, then it’s a good idea to shop at stores that provide most of the stuff that you need. For example, if you’re looking to buy a couch, some patio furniture, and perhaps a coffee table, then you’ll be better off buying everything from one store. It’s much less of a hassle and you may be eligible for some discounts.

  1. Check the website’s security features.

The risk of buying online can be minimized by purchasing from a secure website. Don’t be tempted to cut corners in an attempt to buy extra-cheap products from an unreliable store, as otherwise you could find yourself the victim of identity theft and other fraud related scenarios.

  1. Get the correct size and color.

Instead of guessing whether something will fit in a specific space, think to measure the space intended for your new furniture before making the purchases. You should also consider which color combinations will complement your space.

  1. Compare prices.

Once you’ve found the pieces that you like, check other websites to see if they offer competitive prices. However, it is wise to be especially wary at this stage. Sites will sometimes offer very low prices as a part of a scam.

These are all tips well worth considering when shopping for furniture online from Canadian websites – good luck and enjoy browsing!

If you have any questions, please ask below!