7 Home Décor Repurposing Projects Anyone Can Do

It’s can be fun to update your home, whether you add new window treatments or swap out old furniture. Rather than throw away your old décor, though, what about repurposing it?

Many repurposing projects are within anyone’s ability, given the proper instruction. Mastering the art of repurposing home décor items will serve you well into the future, too.

Not only does it mean you can have brand-new home décor items on a limited budget, but it also offers a potential extra revenue stream. You could make another $1,000 per month through the hobby of repurposing and selling goods.

Repurposing home décor items starts with great ideas. Here are a few easy projects anyone might do.

  1. Repurpose Old Window Treatments

People often replace their curtains, blinds, roller shades, and other window treatments to follow current trends or increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Put those window treatments to good use.

You can create a wall photo gallery from a rustic shutter, a mirror from an old window frame, or pillow covers out of curtains. Here’s a list of exciting ideas on how to repurpose window treatments that pretty much anyone can handle.

  1. Remake Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables, particularly the one that have wooden elements, tend to get dinged and scratched all too soon. Before much time has passed, your beautiful coffee table has evolved into an embarrassing centerpiece … unless you remake it into something fabulous.

There are hundreds of options for making a new coffee table, from re-staining or painting the surface to padding and upholstering it. Turn your coffee table into something surprisingly different, and enjoy new life from your budget project.

  1. Turn a Door into a Headboard

Rustic, barndoor-style headboards are highly popular, and that has driven up the price of a ready-made item. If you want to make a quick buck or you do something similar for your bed, convert an old door into a headboard.

If you don’t have an old door available around the house, you can find one at an antique store or flea market for a few bucks. With a little sandpaper, paint, and vision, you’ll soon have a beautiful headboard to accent your bedroom in a refreshing new way.

  1. Craft a Play Kitchen from an Entertainment Center

Boxy entertainment centers are going out of style. Many households are sending theirs to the dump or donating them to a thrift store. If you can snag one of these handy frames, it can be turned into a wonderfully affordable toy for your kids.

The individual slots of older entertainment centers are perfect for housing toy dishes, food, a microwave, a work station, or anything else that would please your child. You can find many online tutorials for repurposing an entertainment center in this manner, but here’s a popular one.

  1. Make Floral Décor from Old Tires

Not many things can compete with an old tire for sheer ugliness. But when you combine this has-been implement with beautiful spring flowers, you can suddenly have a gorgeous art display for your home’s porch, garden, or sunroom.

Clean each tire thoroughly, using finishing product to reduce the rubber smell and keep it black and shiny. Then play around with flower arrangements inside it.

The flowers may be planted into dirt in the tire well or they could be fake. Mount the finished product on the wall and enjoy your new arrangement!

  1. Find a New Home for Broken Plates and Bowls

When glass or ceramic dishes break, it’s tempting simply to toss them out. However, you can do beautiful things with the fragments, such as create a mosaic tabletop or design a stained-glass hanging ornament.

These projects require some concentrated labor, but the end product can be stunning! If your dishes are only chipped, you can still get plenty of good use out of them.

You might create a hanging plant holder from chipped plates or a birdbath. You can also hang chipped plates and bowls on your wall in a decorative, rustic collage.

  1. Transform a Dresser into a Bench

Here’s a popular DIY project that’s gained a lot of attention in the furniture-flip world. An old, outdated wooden dresser can be taken apart and cut out to make a gorgeous entryway bench with cubbies.

You’ll need a few woodworking tools and an ability to cut straight, but the project isn’t too difficult. Paint the end product a bright color, and it will be the perfect accent for an entryway.

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