7 Easy Tricks For a Stylish Home

stylish decorationDo you feel like your home is missing that stylish appeal? Maybe it’s time to make your space more personal and modern by infusing a little style to it. Most of the time, we are getting very carried away with furnishing our homes, so as our budget is blown through very quickly and there is nothing left for those elements which add elegance. Read up on these seven easy tricks to make your home more stylish.


Accessories are those elements that create the finishing touch of any room making it feel complete. They turn the impersonal and boring room into a stylish, joyful one. For instance, you could fill the shelves with books, put candles on the tables, throw colorful pillows on sofas, or add whatever accessories that comes to your mind, just make sure you love them. They don’t take a lot of space and there’s no need of special cleaning technique to keep them clean.

Create an Element of Surprise

The best part of the house decoration process is creating the wow moment. It could be achieved by hanging a bold artwork, or painting your trim in a vivid color, or placing an intriguing sculptural piece in your hallway or living room. The options are endless.

Show Off Your Best Assets

Before starting your redecoration think about what are your home’s best assets and how you could showcase them. If you have beautiful parquet floors, for example, you could purchase a small chic area rug which won’t cover it completely. Or, if you have an amazing ocean view from your bedroom and floor-to-ceiling windows, pass on the window treatments, and place your bed beside your windows, so that you could gaze up the starts at night.

Nail Down a Color Palette

One of the most important things which should be taken into consideration is the planned color palette. It plays an integral role in almost all traditional homes. You should be very careful with the color combinations. Even if you choose to paint the walls in white, be careful with the accents and how they play against each other. If you use colors wisely, you’ll create cohesion in a room that lacks it.

Integrate One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Every room should show off the personality of the home owner. That’s why a rare piece could be placed, so that it will make the room stand out. That could be a handmade textile, or a piece of 19th-century furniture, or other antique item. That way, your space will feel more a la mode.

Bring in Original Art

Despite there are many incredible art prints on the market, nothing can beat the original art. So even the little things you’ve accomplished, such as your own painting or a scribble on a cocktail napkin that you framed, will make your home feel personal and memorable. Along with that, they will give your guests a distinct sense of what you like.

Make Thoughtful Lighting Choices

In most cases, we keep the already existing lighting fixtures from the previous owner in our house. We forget to change them or we don’t have time. Reasons can differ. Probably changing the sconces or installing a new chandelier is not your top priority. But sometimes, moving just a single fixture to another room can be transformative. Also, have in mind that if your furniture is modern, then the French crystal chandelier will not be appropriate. It should be changed.

These tricks will certainly save time and effort. There is no need to spend a lot of money in order to get a modern, elegant look of your house. Not always the latest interior trends mean they are stylish and applicable to your home. Sometimes, adding even a few small details or repainting the walls can create the new, wanted vision. At the end, it’s your place, so the choice is yours. Make the wise decision. Combine the comfort and the style on budget.

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