6 Reasons you Should Be Using LED Lighting Inside (and Outside) your Home

Converting to LED lighting will have a number of benefits for both your home and your bank balance. In the past, there has been somewhat of a stigma that surrounds the use of energy saving bulbs and admittedly some of the older types perhaps do not produce the brightness you would expect from a lightbulb or don’t light the room immediately when switched on. However, the latest in LED technology is nothing like old energy saving lighting and could be an extremely cost effective way to brighten your home – without compromising on quality. Lighting usually takes up to 10-20% of the average energy bill and switching to LED lighting could also significantly reduce this.

LED Lamp Life is Epic

Fed up of the familiar pop of a bulb going every time you turn the light on? It seems that once you’ve changed one, another needs changing somewhere else in the house. Spotlights, in particular, can be an absolute pain to change and it can also be costly buying regular replacements. The lamp life of a LED bulb is approximately 20 times longer than regular bulbs and it is not unusual for them to have around 30, 000 hours of power, which means they will likely never need to be changed! What a revelation.

Colour Choice…is Also Epic

So you thought that you could only have one choice of light bulb colour? Not if you switch to LED! Their bulbs come in a range of different colour choices, all of which can help set a particular type of mood or might be more suitable for particular areas in the house. Many people do love the warm glow of an incandescent light but there is this and so much more when it comes to choosing a LED lighting colour. Charts online will explain the effect your colour choice will have, for example; choosing a cool, white light will create the effect of a refreshing and energetic environment, whereas a warmer, more yellow light will create a cosier effect, ideal for living room space.

The Bulbs Provide Instant Lighting

Contrary to popular opinion, LED lights DO shine brightly as soon as they are switched on, unlike many energy saving bulbs that may take a while to ‘heat up’. Many of the old energy saving bulbs can take around 2 minutes to reach full brightness, which can be an inconvenience. LED lights, however, have all the cost-effective properties of an energy saving bulb yet will produce great quality brightness from the get go!

Save Energy….and Help the Environment

A LED bulb will use a whopping 90% less energy than an incandescent or halogen light of the same quality. For example, a 50W halogen bulb is the equivalent of a 5W LED, which is a lot less energy for the same amount of light. The minute electric current passes through an LED bulb, light is given off, meaning there is no time to generate any unwanted heat and therefore waste energy. Now you can see how swapping all the bulbs in your home would save you a massive amount of energy!

Can be Used Outside…Even in Freezing Temperatures

In the case of some fluorescent lights, they may stop working outside when the temperature gets too cold or drops below a certain temperature. LED lights will light up your garden whatever the weather. There is a great range of outdoor LED lights to purchase online such as decking lights, flood lights, outside wall lights and garden spike lights and are great for illuminating even the darkest of spaces.

Switching them On and Off will NOT Break Them

Ever get told that you’re going to ‘pop’ the lightbulb if you keep flicking it on and off? That frequent switching on and off of the light can affect the bulb’s life span and operational efficiency? This is definitely a true story when it comes to regular lights, but turn LED’s on and off as much as you like and their quality and power will definitely not diminish. This is why LED’s are also used for commercial purposes such as signal lighting and traffic lights.


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