6 Must Haves For A Luxury Bathroom

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the furnishings. In fact, considering the room’s central role in self-care, it’s worth adding a little luxury to the space.

If you’re getting ready for a bathroom renovation, consider introducing these 6 spa-style features to transform your bathroom into a pleasure palace. When you’re done, you’ll never want to leave.

Light It Right

One of the most off-putting features of the average bathroom is the lighting, whether LED or fluorescent. They can leave you looking yellow or washed out and aren’t an accurate representation of finished makeup or outfits. So what can you replace them with? Obviously, you can’t do without lights entirely, but you can create a subtle, elegant lighting effect using many small lights distributed throughout the room. As for overhead lighting, opt for a skylight if at all possible. Daylight is the most natural source of light and also the most flattering for styling.

Warm Things Up

No one likes the feel of cold tile when they get out of the shower or bath, so make that a thing of the past by installing heated tile. Bonus: this is a fairly easy bathroom renovation because you can place the heated tiles between the current flooring and a new layer of tile. The heat will radiate up through the upper tile level, creating a pleasant, warming sensation.

One word of caution when installing heated tile, especially if you’re placing it over existing flooring. When you layer the new tiles, your floor will obviously increase in height. This can cause your tub and toilet to appear as though they’re sinking into the floor, which isn’t a good look. One possible option is to remove these pieces while you lay tile and then reinstall them on top. Alternatively, adding new baseboard tiles can help create a polished look around “sunken” fixtures.

Add Fancy Features

Installing a new sink or tub may be out of your price range, but adding new hardware and fixtures can give your bathroom a real touch of sophistication without breaking the bank. New hardware can also give you a chance to show a little bit of personality, either by introducing some color or some unique shapes to an otherwise simply designed space.

Have A Seat

Bathrooms aren’t known for their furnishings because they often don’t have any – but how many times have you found yourself looking for a place to set down a change of clothes or sit while you brushed your hair? Placing seating in your bathroom not only provides extra (dry!) surface area, but also makes the space more relaxing. Depending on space and the overall appearance, you can opt for something simple like paired stools or a more regal addition, such as a classic chaise lounge.

Make Flexibility Your Friend

Particularly in smaller bathrooms, you have to make the most of the space because there’s no room to waste, and no item reinforces this idea like the mirror. Though every bathroom absolutely needs at least one mirror, they can quickly overtake the space and interfere with more desirable decorating options. One way to get around this is by placing a sliding mirror on rails. You can even position it over a window to minimize the view in while still getting great lighting when you want it.

Love Your Linens

Finally, one of the most luxurious features of a spa are the incredible linens you’ll find there – it’ll make you want to wrap yourself up in the towels and robes and never leave. But shouldn’t you love your own linens just as much? Invest in a few beautiful, high quality towels for your bathroom, both to match the new aesthetic and because they’ll bring you pleasure every time you touch them. The fact is, you may not be able to buy happiness, but you can buy nice towels and that’s pretty much the same thing.

Life gets stressful and we all need a chance to unwind, but why pay to go to the spa every time you need a break? These simple changes can bring the spa to you for a fraction of the price. By the time you’re done, you won’t believe you ever tolerated a bathroom that was anything less than luxurious.

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