6 Essential Tips To Create The Perfect Bohemian Look For Your Room

A lot of us love to experiment. We love to purchase and own objects that are unique, unconventional and set our tastes apart. This explains why there is a demand for colors other than solids or plains in items as different as handbags, clothes, carpets as well as wall colors. A Bohemian look represents such flamboyant taste, which reflects a love for bold, brazen colors and designs. In many ways, they do not form a particular pattern, and may sometimes appear all over the place. But that is the idea: not following any rules and a love for the unusual is essential to the Bohemian sense of style.

So the million-dollar question here is: How do you create the perfect Bohemian look for your room? Whether you choose it for your living/dining room or your bedroom is completely your choice, and we are here to guide you on the route you can take. This section focuses on how you can use the right colors and designs for different places like walls, lighting and furniture. Also, keep in mind that the Bohemian look involves a lot of mixing and matching of textures and colors. Warm colors are essential to the ideal look, as you will learn below.

Getting Started

Everyone wants others to be privy to their exquisite and overwhelming style. Whether it’s getting tattooed, having your ears pierced, or wearing clothing that might seem garish to some but oddly charming to others. The underlying idea is to carry your own unique look and personality well. When designing a Bohemian look, you may be led to believe that it essentially involves a riot of colors. But I assure you: it is not. Just like any other setting, achieving the right Bohemian look requires meticulous planning beforehand. So here is how you can approach the idea.

1. The Bohemian Flooring

a. A Bamboo Floor: How you ask? Instead of bright and white marble tiles, we suggest going for bamboo flooring: earthy, warm, inviting and suitably warm. Flooring constructed from a material such as bamboo will give it a natural vibe and transform the look of your room in an instant, setting you up to move to the walls, paintings and other things afterward. A bamboo floor is an especially good start for the eclectic vibe it brings, and its understated vibe will make it complement the other stuff in the room.

b. A Vintage Rug: When you have a rug constructed with intricate patterns of craftsmanship to create an ethnic design, it can easily become the focal point of any room. Placing it on a warm bamboo floor in a bold color will ensure that the flooring is suitably Bohemian and eye-catching. A suggestion: go for a Turkish rug, which has a combination of different color palettes and designs.

2. A Mixture Of Two Window Shades

The “more is more” Bohemian principle suggests protecting your windows with a functional and sturdy window treatment that keeps the cold and hot weather at bay, and then covering it up with an additional curtain or valance. You can go crazy in your choice of window curtains: bold pattern of blocks of colors, varied prints and bold designs. All while you have sleek and simple aluminum shades or shutters that are built to withstand the extreme weather. Here are a few of the ideas that you can implement for a great Bohemian look for your windows:

a. Faux wood shutters and geometric print curtains
b. Blackout cellular shades with graphic print curtains
c. Aluminum blinds with floral print curtains
d. Vinyl blinds with Aztec print curtains
e. Multiple lace curtain panels
f. Bamboo valances

3. The Bohemian Bedding Style

The most personal space that there is, the bed allows you to go for an assortment of styles to design it in Boho style. We have a great many suggestions to summon the artistic spirit in you that will allow you to go eclectic. So here are a few suggestions that you may apply or get you started to think of your own.

a. More than two pillows and multiple cushions, all in distinct colors and fabrics
b. A uniquely shaped and carved headboard
c. A floral print and fringed bedsheet
d. Striped bed covers and sequinned quilts
e. Canopies with tassels

4. Lots Of Indoor Plants

While small pots of flowers and leaves are necessary to bring in nature for the regular room, we recommend having lots of big and small flower pots to stuff into your room to create a perfect Bohemian feel. Snake plants, Norfolk Island pines, Kentia palm, Philodendron, Croton, Ficus and Umbrella Tree are some common examples of indoor plants that thrive in solitude. Being natural air purifiers and combaters of pollution, they can turn your room into a hub of natural beauty.

5. The Wall Colours

While filling your home with different objects and stuff can be needlessly tiring and time-consuming, you can start with a single splash of different colors for your walls. The bold colors, as opposed to neutral shades and lighter, subtle colors like green, off-white, beige and blue, bring the place alive. They represent vivaciousness, energy, and effervescence. Here are the different colors that you can have your walls in.

a. Bright Red: Perfect for adding a playful vibe to your room, red is the oft-chosen color for playschools and kids’ bedrooms. The versatility of bright red can make it go along any style, be it Bohemian or not. People often paint one wall in red while keeping others subtle to add balance into their rooms.

b. Brown: This color has many variations – cinnamon, caramel, beige, chestnut, chocolate, and so on. When you have your flooring in bamboo, a wall in brown will create a warm and inviting ambiance that will provide a great complementary effect to the other Bohemian elements of the room.

c. Purple: With variations such as Lavender, mauve, plum, orchid and wisteria, the range of purple shades is staggering. Shades of purple can be used amazingly well with other elements of the room, even when it itself is used sparingly. For the right look, use purple for one or (maximum) two walls in the same room.

d. Pink: Be it magenta, coral, dusty or strawberry, pink is one of the most commonly used Bohemian colors on walls. A pink background with floral print wallpapers on the adjacent or opposite walls creates a fun atmosphere to call your friends home to chill and chit chat.

e. Bright Yellows: Just like red, yellow is an energetic color that is filled with life, zest and fun, and its stimulating effect keeps our moods elevated throughout the day. No wonder that these colors are commonly used for teenagers’ rooms and even some workplaces. They can best be used in areas that do not get enough natural light.

6. A Mix Of Art And Books

No Bohemian look can be complete unless you have stacks of books and artwork neatly stacked and organized. You can have a mini library installed through a long shelf in one portion, and have it filled with as many types of books as possible. To complement this portion, have your walls lined with movie/graphic novel posters, or a Picasso/Van Gogh or other modern artist’s painting. Big and wide sculptures or mini statues can also bring out the Bohemian vibe pretty well.

Besides the focus on the above ideas, you can also include random items such as uniquely shaped candles, oxidized silver and antique gold-toned jewelry items, ornate mirrors, an assortment of repainted old plates, colored glasses and vases. A bohemian styled room is chic, glamorous and flamboyant all at the same time. You must not be afraid to experiment, and every item thus collected must have its own story to be told.

If you have any questions, please ask below!