5 Great Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen remodelingYou often hear that everything from literature and movies to architecture and interior design has entered a postmodern era.

This basically means that you’re free to choose from a wider array of design elements and you have the freedom not to be tied down to one traditional way of doing things.

In other words, you’re free to mix and match when it comes to combining traditional kitchen design elements (e.g., shaker cabinets) and more contemporary approaches (e.g., a natural stone backsplash).

You don’t need to be afraid that these will clash; more energy-efficient, stainless steel appliances can seamlessly tie into more traditional design elements!

Be Unafraid of Mixing and Matching Styles

You could, for instance, choose to couple more recent trends in hardwood flooring like gorgeous cherry hardwood flooring or more resilient yet aesthetically softer bamboo with tried-and-true standards for your fixtures.

Think satin chrome or stainless steel knobs and faucets offset by sleek hardwood flooring. It’s all about mixing and matching to suit your stylistic preferences without sacrificing functionality or energy efficiency.

Make Your Kitchen That Much Smarter

Smart appliances are appliances that connect to your Smartphone, laptop and/or tablet and allow you more control.

When your appliances are smart, as opposed to the old-fashioned manual kind, you can do things like turn the oven up or down at a time of your choosing or program your dryer to send you a text alert when your clothes are finished.

You can also program smart devices to automatically turn up the heat if the temperature drops too low, tell you when something goes awry, or adjust your air conditioner remotely when out of town.

Impress With Your Kitchen Backsplash

Tile is still the reigning king when it comes to kitchen backsplash material of choice for most homeowners, according to the President of the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

A mosaic tile backsplash can lend your kitchen an almost Aztec, earthy look that offers an interesting contrast with a granite countertop and stainless steel appliances.

You can create your own mosaic tile backsplash and mix and match styles to suit your tastes. Maybe your heart is telling you that distressed wood, something more industrial like embossed concrete or even an economical choice like tin sheets are more up your alley.

While tile is the most popular, and there are no shortage of options out there, natural stone is making a strong surge for the top spot. Why? Because natural stone is durable, offers a ton of variety, and has a really classy appearance that should improve your home value.

Should You Take It For Granite?

The debate rages on. Strange as it may seem to those outside of the interior design world, there’s an age-old debate between quartz countertop aficionados and granite countertop enthusiasts. So, how do you choose between the two beyond a gut reaction as to which style piques your style fancy?

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that granite is actually much more resilient that they’ve heard, and this kind of countertop is completely natural. Quartz, on the other hand, is mostly natural (~95%) and slightly sturdier than granite.

Both materials are quite resistant to heat, but granite is somewhat porous and can, therefore, stain more easily if you leave spills in place for hours or days on end.

The fact that granite counter tops have to be resealed whereas quartz countertops usually don’t have to be resealed tips the scale towards quartz for many homeowners. On the other hand, granite offers homeowners more potential flexibility when it comes to style and serving up a stirring contrast between your counter and stainless steel appliances.

There Might Be a Place for the Traditional

Shaker cabinets are definitely a case of leaving well enough alone since this is a classic yet highly functional kitchen remodeling idea that’s been experiencing something of a renaissance of late.

These kinds of cabinets give you flat-paneled doors supported by rail frames and backed by wonderful wood options like cherry, maple and hickory. Even within a traditional design there’s a lot of modern design options at your disposal.

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