5 Functional Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Look Out for in 2017

relaxingFor many of us, the bedroom is the most important part of a home. We spend much of our time in the bedroom, whether it’s sleeping, working, studying, or relaxing. This personal space needs to be given optimal attention if we want it to have a tranquil atmosphere that fulfills our needs. With homeowners and designers getting more and more creative with space, 2017 has seen and will continue to see ingenious decoration solutions to make the bedroom comfortable and functional. Here are some of the functional design trends for bedrooms that are getting big this year.

  • Smart partitioning

Because more millennials are living in small urban apartments, they are forced to think creatively about how to make their spaces more functional. When there’s no extra space to waste, it’s essential to create a space that is not claustrophobic or too tight to restrict movement. For studio apartments that have no separate bedroom, it becomes a matter of creating a cosy sleeping area using a smart and highly functional approach to partitioning.

One way to go is to find a means of making the partition a functional part of the living area. For instance, in a single room that must be converted to a bedroom and living area, shelves can be constructed on the side of the structure that faces the living area. The recommended material for a project like this would be light wood to help create a warm and inviting feel, especially when you have an abundance of natural light. With a custom wooden structure, you can create storage spaces in ingenious places and have different levels, like a platform for your bed.

  • Sofa bed

If your space is too small or unable to accommodate a large, multi-purpose partition, another option is a sofa bed. Finding a good sofa bed is a very workable solution to many design woes and it presents utmost functionality. You’ll be able to entertain guests, work with a mini table or stool placed in front of you, and have a good night’s sleep, all with a single piece of furniture.

When trying to pick a sofa bed for your home, you’ll want to consider the aesthetic appeal and how it will complement your space as well as the comfort and utility. There are numerous options available, whether you’d like a deep and cosy arm chair that converts into a comfy single bed, or a sofa with entirely removable covers to make cleaning easier.

  • Bed-in-a-box

A bed-in-a-box is a mattress that is compressed, rolled, and sent to you in a box. It takes away the hassle from mattress shopping and shipping, making it easy for one person to move the mattress into an apartment. These mattresses have gotten popular over the past few years and are receiving even more attention this year. They’re affordable, convenient, and can be easily maneuvered through tight spaces. A bed-in-a-box would be perfect for the raised platform partition mentioned earlier.

One of the downsides to buying a bed-in-a-box is some companies manufacture beds ahead of time and leave them compressed in their packaging for long periods, which can result in damage to the mattress. Another issue is you don’t get to try your mattress until it gets to your door and you unpack it. These issues can be taken care of if you find a company that has favorable policies that specifically address these problems.

  • Open bookshelves

Bedrooms are often used as a workspace as well, either doubling as a study space, office, or cozy library. Professional designers recommend that you swap the bulky bookcases for open bookshelves to store your books. Preferably use white or light wood shelves to avoid a clunky, crowded feel. With open shelving, you can create just about any design you can imagine and stack your books from floor to ceiling while still pulling off a clean look. The only downside is you’ll need a ladder to reach the books closer to the ceiling. If you have enough space around your windows, you can also place books there.

  • Outdoor-like indoor bathrooms

The appeal of outdoor bathrooms continues to wax strong—although some agree that in most areas it’s not a practical solution to have all year round. The good thing is that designers have started finding ingenious ways to use courtyards and other strategic locations to build bathrooms that link with the outdoors without affecting privacy. So if you need a bit more space and would like a natural setting as your bathroom, this might be a good solution.


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