5 Effective ways to protect vacant properties from break-ins

BurglarBurglaries to homes and break-ins of vacant buildings are happening more and more often these days, and this can cause great stress. You need to think about protection and making these properties much more secure. Statistics reveal that just over 70% of burglars enter a home through either the front door, a patio door, the back door, or even through the garage doors. The other 30% enter through a window, either by forcing it or finding it open.

Vacant properties stand out a mile mainly because of a build-up of rubbish, long grass, broken windows and no lights showing at night. These signs will almost certainly attract the attention of vandals, thieves, and squatters

Luckily, there are many measures you can take to secure your property. Here are 5 of the most effective methods for your serious consideration.

  1. Doors

Choose either a solid wooden door or a metal door, the kind that has interior reinforcement and a lock block to prevent a thief from using a crowbar. Door windows may allow light into your entrance but these are a big security risk. It’s relatively easy to smash a window and unlock your door from the inside. Reinforced steel doors are also a good option, but just be aware they require additional maintenance to prevent rust.

  1. Shrubbery

Do not plant bushes, shrubs, or trees close to your front door as they make it easy for a burglar to lie in wait undetected before trying to break in.

  1. Fit a deadbolt

A door is only as strong as its lock. Access to your property can be gained by one swift kick if your lock does not extend deep into the frame. The answer is to fit a deadbolt, as this will make a burglar’s job very difficult. You can also reinforce your doorjamb with galvanized steel to withstand kicks and other attempts to break the door in.

  1. Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors make burglars smile as these are easy to open even when locked. A good way to make them more secure is to place a wood or metal dowel in the track. This will prevent the doors from being opened by force. You should also have motion or vibration sensors fitted so the alarm goes off as soon as glass is broken.

  1. Installing Sitex Screens

One of the most effective ways to secure a vacant building is by fitting Sitex security screens. For extra security, they’re installed from the inside, and once fitted, specialist equipment is needed to gain entry, which further reduces the risk of a break-in. The screens are also considered an ideal security solution for open entry points, like damaged or open doorways.

Sitex screens can be used in place of traditional boards to cover up any entry points and keep it safe from trespassers. Used in doorways and windows will make it almost impossible for anyone to gain access. Panels are made from heavy duty galvanised steel, specially coated to prevent rust. The perforated design makes it possible for natural light to pass through and will allow security guards and other people to see into the property. In addition, the screens have a nifty anti-crowbar and hacksaw design.

Not only do Sitex security screens provide a highly visible deterrent, they’re also fireproof. This is particularly useful if the building is at risk from arson, or is used to store any flammable liquids, chemicals, or other high-risk substances. In the event of a fire, the perforations in the screens help to reduce the risk of back-draft – one of the biggest risks to fire crews when tackling a blaze.

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