5 Amazing Hacks to Decorate Your Home With Glassy Looks

It is often said that if you can afford a glass house for a lifetime, you can afford anything. Dating back to the Victorian era, glass houses have always been considered a matter of elite and luxury. Although in earlier times, this kind of houses was limited to garden rooms, orangeries, and organic houses, however, these days you don’t need much to have a glass style decor. Whether it’s the little corners of your living room or the decoration or the ceiling or flooring, walls, kitchen, or garden, you don’t need a big excuse to add that iconic glassy look to your sweet home, even office. Here are five state-of-the-art hacks you can apply to your house in order to let your house shimmer and glow with a glassy style décor.

1. Glass Hardware, Furniture & Furnishings

A little glass here, a little there

The stepping stone of a glassy décor is choosing the type of glass fixture to purchase or replace. While it’s often a pricey as well as timely deal remodeling your entire home décor in one go, there is a better option too. From cabinets to wardrobes, from kitchen backsplash to washbasin surface, you can decide to add glass anywhere you’d wish to. There are different kinds of glass panels, sheets, frames, and fixtures suited for different uses.

For bits and pieces of glassy finish, try adding tidbits of glass on different furniture and settings. For instance, if you have cabinets or drawers anywhere in your house, you can try adding glass knobs, or crystal door knobs and pulls to them instead of regular metal or wooden handles. Another wonderful way to add a glassy look is turning the tabletops of tables to glass panels.

If you’re looking forward to adding glass to doors and windows, colourful stained glass is the perfect choice. Look for the artistic ones with carvings and designs embossed over them. You might have noticed the use of stained glass in ancient palaces and forts. But that shouldn’t make you think that it’s too expensive. It’s quite affordable.

2. Glass Lighting

Glam up the Ambience

Spontaneous plans for candlelightght dinner but can’t go out? Or how about a bonfire night with friends? Well, moments of this kind happens to all of us. And for these very moments, having glass lighting in our house is a beautiful idea.

Lighting is one of the top priority areas in any home décor setting. In order to add glamour and dazzle to your lighting while having a glassy look, is both a challenge as well as a great possibility to renovate.

Neon & fluorescent glass pipings, celestial stained glass lanterns, photo luminescent porous glass lights, glass pendant bulbs; there is no limit to the variety of glass lights available in the market. Choose from numerous shades, tints and glows. Usually, most of the lights come with self installation kits, make sure to carry the necessary glass hardware alongside.

3. Glass staircases & floorings

For a contemporary, classy look

This is perhaps one of the best hacks if you intend to give your house a glassy style look. Bring in some enchanting staircase glass blocks and let your architect embellish them with metal planks and glass knobs. To get it right, use tempered or toughened glass for good transparency and opacity.

While you might think that glass staircase is an idea suited for five star hotels, resorts or palaces, they aren’t that expensive. And don’t underestimate the charm of a glass floor either. It can be much more than you think. Sprinkle some pebbles, shells or rocks beneath the glass floor and see the magic. Build an aquarium below the glass floor and see the magic. Fix some recessed lighting fixtures below the glass floor and see the magic. Glue some glass mosaic tiles on the floor and see the magic. Magic is the least that you and your guests will experience with glass flooring.

4. Terrariums and Glass Planters

A must-have mini garden for every house

The very first terrarium was built in 1842. Today, terrariums and glass planters are an easy and decorative way to insert a touch of nature into your house. Whether it’s your tabletop, balcony, kitchen window or backyard porch, terrariums offer just the perfect way to infuse glassy décor in your home interiors while adding the holistic touch of plants and florals.

Terrariums come in different shapes and sizes – open and closed both, mostly spherical. For indoor plants, you can select from dozens of species like Moon valley, Aquamarine, Silver Queen Bulbosa, Hens & Chickens, succulents, pitcher plants, dwarf plants, ferns, Peperomia, Variegate etc. For further decoration, fill in the glass containers with colourful beads, rocks, painted pebbles, stones, wooden eggs, activated charcoal or crystals.

If terrariums or glass planters don’t suit your décor setting, a great alternative to this is wine glass bottles. Simply wash some old glass bottles with warm water and dip in them some beautiful herbs and flowers. Easy, isn’t it?

5. Indoor Glass Fountains

Textures that are soothing, shimmering and mesmerizing

Ever dreamed of having a resort like a luxe-n-refreshing bedroom or a romantic courtyard or an elite townhouse style living room? Well, you can have all that without having to go big on your pocket. Installing some indoor glass fountains is just the perfect way to go. While the idea of having a fountain inside your house brings the images of splashed water, water drainage systems and all, you don’t need all of that. Yes!

An indoor glass fountain is basically a virtual fountain, a frosted or texturized glass panel(s) giving off a shimmer and drizzle effect to look like a waterfall running on glass. There is a wide range of choices available for these glass panels in the market. You can choose to surmount the glass panels vertically straight from the floor or to stuff them between wooden, metal or ceramic blocks. To complete the look, try adding indoor plants and light fixtures for a gorgeous play of light.

Wrapping Up

So you’re done with creating the gorgeous glassy house of yours, great. Just one last thing, remember not to throw stones since now you have a glassy-house. After all, prestige comes at a price, doesn’t it?

If you have any questions, please ask below!