4 Types of Bedside Tables

There are several different types of bedside tables available to consumers. Most bedside tables are put next to a bed to store bed time items such as lamps, alarm clocks, phones, watches, jewelry, etc. These bedside tables have storage either by drawers or doors with shelving inside.

Bedside tables can be made of several different wood variations, metal with a glass top, ceramic, or even plastic. Some tables are modern looking for decoration while others are more functional for storage. There are a wide range of styles and variations that will blend with any room whether it is a child's room or an adult's room. As stated above, most are used next to a bed, but these can even be placed on wall or in a corner. There are four different types of bedside tables described below.

1. Wooden Bedside Tables

Wooden bedside tables come in a variety of wood options such as cherry, mahogany, oak, maple, and walnut. They also come in a wide selection of shapes such as round, square, rectangles, etc. Some have two to three drawers for storage while others have a drawer or two with a shelf on top or below for storage. Others have no storage, but two or three levels of shelving. The more simplistic bedside tables may not have any storage available at all with just a flat top for your necessities such as your clock, phone, lamp, book, etc.

Wooden bedside tables are your simplest form of table, but can also be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be depending on how detailed the woodwork is. The variations of wood allow you to match any bedding and paint with your bedside table because it is fairly neutral.

Last, it is also very easy to clean and look after making it a very common type of table to use.

2. Contemporary Bedside Tables

Contemporary bedside tables come in wood, metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic. Most have some sort of shelving or storage capability, but what makes these beside tables so special is the design. These are very stylish with an array of colors and features. Most of these pieces give your bedroom an accent making it unique.

These bedside tables are a lot more specialized than wood pieces. Remember that the type of material used in the bedside table will dictate how hard it is to look after the table. It will also determine how long the table will last. Some materials are not as durable as others. However, contemporary bedside tables are more focused on design and accenting the room, not necessarily how functional and durable it is. Keep this in mind when choosing your table.

3. Modern Bedside Tables

Modern beside tables are new and more focused on the technological advancements of our time. These beside tables are not as focused on the look and feel, but more on the practicality of the table. These typically have holes in the back for phone and device cords, lips on shelves so that things do not slip off the table, reading lights are often added in, as well as clocks, iPhone/iPod docks, and power sources.

Modern bedside tables have taken into consideration ergonomics and the generation of technology while designing new beside tables. As with other tables, these are designed in a wide variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etc. This type of bedside table is gaining in popularity.

4. Antique Bedside Table

Antique bedside tables are focused solely on the shape, form, and look of the bedside table. It is primarily built on appearance and not function. Although most do have some sort of storage or shelving apparatus, it is a stylish piece of furniture for decorative purposes. Depending on the genre a person is going for, these can be glass, wood or metal. These bedside tables can be full of design and unique down to the legs and feet. The possibilities are endless here.

There are several types of bedside tables available, these are just four of the most popular options. Wood bedside tables are very popular with modern bedside tables picking up traction with the ever growing technological advances in today's society.

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