4 Top Interior Design Trends That Won’t Go Out of Style

Interior design has become mainstream. With HGTV, Pinterest, and DIY home bloggers gaining popularity, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to improve their home’s aesthetic. With so many possibilities, it’s a challenge to determine which trends are worth your time. When it comes to home decorating, it’s important to choose design elements that are popular but also timeless. You don’t want to pour tons of time, money, and energy into a design trend that’s going to fade.

So, here are four top interior design trends that are popular now, but that will remain popular for several years to come.

#1 Textures

Clean lines have always been a trend in homes. However, texture is becoming the new standard. Adding texture is a broad interior design philosophy, but it’s all about keeping things from looking bland. You can add textured wallpaper to your walls, a wool rug to your floors, or a broken glass backsplash to your kitchen. It’s all about adding interest.

The benefit with texture is that it won’t fade away with the trends. Often people will opt for crazy textiles and prints for their rugs or wallpapers. While that might be great in the moment, print trends fade out. How many times have we seen animal print come in and out of fashion? We’ve seen the same thing happen with the chevron and Aztec print. Opting to add interest with texture instead of print, allows you to be on-trend while remaining timeless.

#2 Wood

Wood has been gaining popularity over the years. In the 1970s, we had wood paneling walls, and while that has died out, the persistence of wood in the home has not. Hardwood floors are renowned and sought after for their beauty and timelessness. But wood doesn’t stop there. People have begun incorporating wood in other areas of the home too.

From wood-accented furniture, to barn doors made of wood, to a reclaimed wood table, people are finding more and more ways to incorporate wood into their interior design. Wood is incredibly versatile, durable, and can add warmth to almost any space. It adds a rustic yet contemporary motif to rooms. Additionally, the use of reclaimed wood has become especially popular, thanks to its eco-friendly appeal.

No matter how you look at it, wood is a top trend that isn’t going anywhere.

#3 Statement Piece Light Fixtures

Like wood, people have had statement light pieces for decades. Chandeliers, for instance, have long been associated with wealth and luxury. Nowadays, the options for light fixtures is truly remarkable. From quirky designs to classic shapes, there are light fixtures out there to fit any aesthetic. When it comes to interior design, light fixtures are an opportunity to make a statement.

When it comes to the bulb itself, people are straying away from harsh lights and moving towards softer hues. For now, industrial, metal fixtures are making huge waves. Vintage and artsy light arrangements are also making quite the buzz. If you’re looking for trendy, those are options to consider. If you want to make a statement, yet remain timeless, a clean line, simple, and modern chandelier is an optimum choice.

#4 Neutrals

So, here’s the thing, neutrals are like the little black dress of interior design. They’re always on-trend and will never go out of style. While matte blacks and deep-hued reds are having a moment, neutrals remain a reliable choice for trendy design. When it comes to paint color, there’s a growing trend in having primarily neutral walls with one accent wall. This trend allows you to bask in the comfort of neutrals, while capitalizing on the fun of a bolder color choice.

Doing one accent wall is a great way to amp up the neutrals. You can also add splashes of color with your furniture or décor to add some personality. Neutrals will always be on-trend, so it’s a smart move to design with neutrals as your core color story but play into trendy colors with your accent pieces.

Choose the Trends That Work for You

Ultimately, the interior design of your home is a personal choice. It’s all about what you like. You want to create a home that makes you happy. If you design with your taste in mind, the design of your home will remain timeless for you. Make no mistakes.

The best part about design is that everything can be changed. So, if you decide to try a wacky trend and hate it later, you can always re-do it with one of these top four trends in the future.

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