4 Dining Room Ideas that Your Guests will Surely Appreciate

Dining Room IdeasWe don't pay much attention to the decor of the dining room. The living room steals the attention, and the dining room gets none. That's unfair! You should work on your dining room to make it look appealing.

Imagine you are having dinner with some of your guests, and they are looking around the room. How'd they feel seeing crevices on the wall or an improperly draped tablecloth? On your back, they'd mock your acumen for interior decoration.

Need ideas?

I guess you do. Not only you, other homeowners, who are running short of ideas also need tips. What's interesting about dining room ideas is they are easy to implement. You may need to buy some furniture but that won't burn a hole in your wallet.

Anyways, the introduction is getting unnecessarily long, so let's get down to the ideas.

A formal dining room

The kids are having breakfast wearing school attire, and an adult is taking the last sip in the coffee mug wearing formal clothes for office. It all looks good in a formal dining room. When opting for it, make sure other rooms have retro colors and formal design too.

Now let's come to what's important; the furniture you need.

Tufted fabric dining chairs, leather tufted dining chairs, wooden dining chairs or contemporary style chairs with solid wood frame and legs are okay for a formal dining room. You can invest in traditional chandeliers, or you can go for a contemporary or rustic-lodge chandelier. Large casement windows can make the room look perfectly formal.

Small is big

In this era of global economic meltdown, many have been finding it difficult to shell out money for interior decoration. An even bigger number live in rented apartments. They can also decorate their dining rooms with the help of some easy tips. When correctly applied, those tips can make a small space seem large.

First, take all unnecessary furniture away from the room. Next, put some decor items on the wall such as a 3D or floating wall shelf or an earth lion bracket. Finally, work on the table and chairs. Buy a round table as it is perfect for a small dining room. If your kitchen is spacious, you can carve an upholstered bench on its wall, and then put a small glass table and a seating bench near to it. Your kitchen would then turn into a dining room.

Food and books

An odd combination, but out-of-the box ideas are all the rage these days. Besides, a painting hanging from the wall or a large poster on it has become outdated. The new trends include a large bookshelf sculpted on a wall. This adds an erudite feel to the dining room.

Not many are trying this, which means your guests probably never seen it anywhere. So, when they'd see this new decor in your dining room, they'd appreciate it wholeheartedly. And you'll take a great pride in it, even though you'd never admit it.

Live and dine

It will suit your budget as well as your aesthetic appetite. I remember when my family moved to a new home, we had a large space (280 sq ft) between two bedrooms. My mother is claustrophobic, so we decided to turn the open area into the kitchen. But a 280 sq ft area for the kitchen is outrageous, so we started to use it for living and dining purposes too.

We sculpted the slabs in one corner and made a chimney hole on a surrounding wall. Then we used a portable partition wall to separate the living area from the dining area. The living area was inside the partition wall, and with a small plastic table and two cushioned chairs. The dining area had the dinner table. It worked for us, and we made a great use of the entire 280 sq ft area.

It may work for you too, more so if you have scarcity of usable space. So, go for it.

Be imaginative

Don't follow the said tips blindly. Use your imagination and have an experimental approach. Only then, your dining room ideas will make appeal to the guests.


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