3 Top Tile Trends For 2018

For the last couple of years, tile trends have revolved around a few stalwart styles which seemed to look like they’d never change, until 2018 that is!

This year has given way to some brand new tiling trends as well as allowing through some of last year’s emerging trends too; creating a variety of funky, fresh and fascinating looks. We’ve gathered 7 top tile trends for 2018 to give you some trendy inspiration.

Square Tiles

Square Tiles

When you think of square tiles it’s hard to imagine that they’re set for big things in 2018. It’s quite possibly the most simple style of tile, but there’s one reason in particular that makes them so desirable this year. Small square tiles work in a variety of spaces small or large and they’re more sought after by the month.

Also known as grid tiles, small square tiles have taken the year bu storm and are quickly competing with subway tiles. They’re great for creating a retro look, yet contemporary settings are being revolutionised by their striking looks; especially when grout colours contrast with the tile itself.

Slightly larger than last year’s favourite, mosaic tiles, small square tiles are versatile and fun. Big colours for 2018 include ultra violet, blush pink, and deep, dark tones such as purples, reds and blues; meaning you can get the perfect tile look when you combine these colours with square tiles.

Small square tiles work perfectly in small bathrooms and larger bathrooms too, but they’re not just bathroom tiles. Small square tiles can be used in a multitude of settings and another popular area is the kitchen amongst many others.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

One of the biggest trends in 2018 when it comes to tiles is sure to be Terrazzo tiles. Although Terrazzo tiles were thought to be created in Ancient Egypt, the style which we’re familiar with in 2018 stems from the designs which once paved Venice in the 18th century.

The beauty about using Terrazzo tiles for your home or any other tiling projects is their individuality. The design allows for almost unlimited combinations when factoring in various colours, offcut shapes, sizes and materials.

In 2018, expect to find a wide variety of styles, colours and applications for this beautiful tile which is loved by many, they just don’t know it yet! Terrazzo tiles would look good in any setting.

Terrazzo tiles are a composite and consist of chips of various suitable materials including marble, quartz and granite. Because of this particular style, many people confuse this type of tile with mosaics, but it is different. With mosaics being a big trend in 2017, it’s time to make way for Terrazzo!

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles

Last year, we witness the emergence of Terracotta tiles, but it seemed like the style never really got going. Although the Terracotta trend didn’t blow up in 2017, it did increase in popularity towards the end which has launched it into one of the top 3 trends for 2018.

Terracotta originates from Italy and translates to baked earth. It’s traditionally unglazed, clay-based earthenware although in recent years, there has been a rise in glazed terracotta tiles. In 2018, expect to see a whole lot more of glazed terracotta although those of you who appreciate the traditional look will be happy to know that Terracotta as a whole will be a trendy addition.

There is limited options when it comes to Terracotta with colour and finish being pretty similar across the board. The good news is, the orange colour is easy to work with and has a neutral feel which complements lots of other styles. Perfect for in the kitchen, Terracotta can also be used throughout the home.

Those looking for a rustic look will love Terracotta tiles. Whatever you choose will suffice although those with fears of adding Terracotta tiles to a modern setting shouldn’t fear, you can find a variety of Terracotta coloured tiles in many modern shapes including hexagon tiles. Also look out for patterned tiles, which are also hugely popular right now, that consist of terracotta colours and combine two popular tile trends in one!

There’s lots of options when it comes to tiling in 2018, but we’re confident that the top 3 above will surely make even more impact than they’re currently doing now. We hope you’ve taken lots of inspiration from our suggestions and have something in mind for your next project and don’t forget to share this if you found it helpful.

We’d love to hear which tile styles you think will be big for 2018 and look forward to seeing your comments below!

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