3 Things a Clean Home Does for Your Spirit

Cluttered home and cluttered mind come together. People often believe that cleaning is something that’s just supposed to be done, rarely giving it credit for the effect it has on our psyche. The truth is that people who don’t pay much attention to the place they live in have a tendency to neglect their inner world as well. Your house perfectly mirrors what your priorities are and how well you’re treating yourself, as well as every aspect of your being. Benefits of a clean home have a much longer reach, so let’s think about 3 things a clean home does for your spirit.

1. You’re Not Trapped in the Chaos of Your Own Making

Making sure that your living space looks the way you’ve imagined greatly affects how you see yourself and your life. You don’t have to be clean to the point of insanity, but keeping things orderly and in their place sends a message that you know how to take control over your life. If it sounds far-fetched, think about this – how do homes of depressed people look? What will you see when you enter an apartment of a ridiculously busy businessman? Chances are that with a person suffering from depression, everything will be in chaos, including themselves. On the other hand, extremely busy people will have an apartment that looks like no-one ever lived there. Both extremes are clear expressions of the owners. Cleaning your house, making it your own helps you get your thoughts in order as well. This ritual helps you take a step back and gain a new perspective and when you do manage to get everything in order in your home, you’ll realize that you can do the same thing with your life.

2. You Keep the Energy in Flux

We don’t want to get too geeky here, but the truth is that we are affected by everything surrounding us, including dust and clutter. Stagnant energy quickly turns into negativity that is reflected in the way you feel about your own home and yourself. There is no coincidence that we feel so good when we’re done with our cleaning chores – not only did we accomplish something for the day, but the energy in our home shifts, becomes fresh and light. Why stay stuck in a house that is in disarray when you can take the matters into your own hands and get the energy flowing both within yourself and your home? Even if you can’t find the time to clean everything thoroughly, hire a part-time cleaning lady to help you out. Ask a friend for a recommendation or look through agencies like Helpling SG to find a helping hand to keep your home clean and the energy in it constantly in flux.

3. De-clutter Your Home and Everything Will Start Moving

You don’t have to believe us, just give it a try. You don’t even have to de-clutter your entire house even, just the part that annoys you the most. With too many trinkets and trifles all around you, how can you be surprised that you can’t get your mind to focus? Everything is distracting without and within and so the clutter spreads everywhere, directly preventing you do to what you want. You don’t have to be a guru to grasp the truth of this notion – as you clear out your home, your thoughts will be more arranged too, goals will be easier to attain and you will feel less scattered in general. Just give de-cluttering a try.


Like virtually everything else we do in life, cleaning is a ritual. A cleansing ritual that helps you understand where you stand and where you should go from there. A clean home shows a calm mind and the desire to always improve yourself and everything around you.

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