3 New Year Home Makeovers

Big Ben-New Years EveWelcoming in the New Year might also mean a new look for your home, and if that's what you're thinking you'll want to know all about the new trends in home decoration coming into 2016. The New Year is a time for renewal, so why not take this opportunity to transform your home for the New Year. With a makeover you can bring your home a new look that provides style, comfort and enjoyment for your whole family in a new year and a new season. Here we've collated the 3 top trends for interior design and home decoration for 2016, so you can gear your New Year makeover to the latest style and trends.

Bring Outside Inside

One of the great trends of interior design in 2016 is bringing the outdoors in, by creating beautiful indoor greenery additions, and integrating outdoor entertaining areas with indoor areas to create a more beautiful and natural living space for you and your family to enjoy. The eco trend is not going anywhere soon and we just can't get enough of these gorgeous ‘outside inside' decoration solutions that not only create a naturally beautiful environment inside, but also an environment that is healthier and more inviting to live in.

A great place to start on working on bringing the outdoors indoors is wherever the indoors meets the outdoors in your home, whether that be at the window, the door, the porch, balcony or the back door step. Framing that area with potted plants that are suited to both indoor and outdoor use allows them to be used as gorgeous indoor decorations or outdoor ornaments, or left in these intermediate area to begin to invite nature in. Creating more openness with larger windows or glass doors that invite more of the exterior views indoors to where you can enjoy them at any time and in any weather is another great way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Sustainable Living

Going along with the eco trend is the style of sustainable living which is not only helpful for the environment, but easy on the hip pocket and good for your family too. Sustainable living means finding ways to build and create your home to be more efficient when it comes to energy usage, water usage, gas usage, heat and insulation and building and decorating goods and materials. Governments, decorators and homeowners all love this trend as it really saves the environment and saves on money too.

Many homeowners are choosing to switch to energy efficient light bulbs, water heaters, home heating and cooling systems and washers to save water, gas and electricity, which conserves precious resources and saves money. Even architects and designers are following the eco trends by building homes and additions that draw more from nature and work with the natural rhythms of the local environment. Recycled, second hand and repurposed goods are also becoming more popular for home decoration and building, and can help create fascinatingly earthy and authentic interiors that are original and environmentally friendly.

Modern and Metallic

Juxta-positioned against the natural, earthy and unique decoration styles for 2016 is the trend in geometric patterns and metallic highlights and coloring that is captivating the imagination of every contemporary home decorator. Geometry is coming in strong as a choice for backsplashes, tiled areas, countertops and even artwork, with the flowing and color of geometric patterns along with the clean lines and simplicity they provide that is becoming a very popular choice nowadays.

But keeping in line with the natural trend while still keeping it modern and streamlined, minerals are also becoming popular this season with chunky crystal feature art and mineral based stoneware and crockery becoming more common too. Metallics and metals are a trend that is coming back strong in fashion and beauty, so it's only natural that this would spill into home design, with mid-century mod featuring brass, gold and metallic finishes coming back in a big way for the New Year.

With these tips you can create the perfect home makeover for 2016, with the latest trends and styles in home decoration to experiment with and enjoy.


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