2019 Interior Design Ideas

Oh, the thrills of the new year! Even though it’s still a few days away, January 1st has become our chance for a reboot. If you are already thinking about your own unique projects, then you are in the right place. Let’s take a peek at a roster of enviable 2019 interior design ideas to give a go.


The trend for rich and luxury expression is obvious when it comes to the soft sitting measures – ottomans, armchairs and sofas – they are all huge, enveloping the body into velvet and curved shapes. The creators typically combine them with glass structures, marble cladding and surfaces and furniture and aristocratic coloured-metals: brass, silver, copper or golden shine.

Even though luxury is a continuing trend for many brands. The inspiration comes to exhilarating and maintainable discoveries at the furniture creation site – the 3D printing comes to mind. Flexible, practical and easily arranged in the self-motivated modern life flow, the fashionable 3D creations also have an added value. Several design studios use workable bio-plastic to invent their 3D projects; others reprocess and recycle domestic plastic waste.

Apart from these ground-breaking elements, the traditional organic materials do not lose their value: wood, stone or glass are still an outstanding choice for the engineers. Here, the revolution comes from the durability and strength of the materials. Currently, the glass is so robust that the entire furnitures are made by it, or it is used as a steady base for hefty marble tops.

Don’t miss out the retro trend which is still trendy. Loads of engineers stay focused and inspired by the retro feel. That’s impressive! Yes, everyone defiantly needs the softness, warmth and roundly glitter of the disco vibe.

Trendy Interior Design Materials & Finishes

The well-known engineer Patricia Urquiola invented Liquefy Collection by making use of tempered, extra-light glass, with irregular and faded decorations resembling the veins of marble. The sophisticated set of high and low, oval-shaped tables laid on unequal legs are vibrant and captivating – the veins patterns seem to be flowing with the shift of the viewpoints. This is a brilliant addition to an impressive and dynamic fashionable interior arrangement.

Interior Design Colour Trends

Wondering about the millennial pink? It has already lost its cool. Start preparing for the return of Red! Usually, colours bring character statement to any interior. Their implication and power generate the basic sensual feel of the space and along with the tactile feelings compose the exceptionality of the atmosphere. Seeing the trends in colour usage in the global interior design display, anyone can say that the freshly hot Millennial Pink is losing its ground and the amazing red wave is emerging.

Rich and deep, a new blue-green trend is also showing up at the scene. With brighter presence than its pastel counterparts and more sophisticated emanation, the full-blooded blue-green trend is the next ascent. Filling the homes with calming vibes, those natural tones will softly enhance any premise.

An Insight?

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Well, if you are planning to invest in your own unique projects in 2019, hopefully, the aforementioned interior design trends could be of your help. Remember, the colour is the most important factor that will bring an exceptional atmosphere!

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