12 Colors and Their Use in the Interior

Want to redecorate your home? Then you have a great opportunity to step back from the standards and experiment with colors. Since they have a psychological effect on our body, mind, and emotions, some colors are better suited for the interior than others.


Green is a very soothing color which is associated with stability and relaxation. It fills the gap between warm and cold tones, bringing together pleasant shades of blue and more vibrant yellow tones. For these reasons, green is a great choice for a bedroom. It is not necessary to paint all the walls, it is enough to buy a green closet or bedding of a pleasant green color. In addition, it is a great way to add greenery to your apartment through plants.

Dark blue

Dark blue and blue are often seen as very soothing colors that many people associate with water. The soothing effect of blue makes it ideal for a home office, as it is psychologically conducive to high productivity. Instead of painting the walls in dark blue (it can be quite depressing) use light blue accents in the room, such as office furniture or carpet.


Red is the most exciting color and is often associated with power. Surprisingly, it is the red color that stimulates the appetite the most – therefore it is ideal for the interior of a dining room or kitchen. The walls of such a saturated color are psychologically very depressing, so try red plates, a big red vase, furniture or paint just one wall with a light reddish tint.


You probably know that yellow is associated with happiness. Yellow can really decorate the room and give it more energy, so this color is perfect for your kitchen. If you want to paint the whole room, try a pale shade so that it is not too distracting. You can also try yellow furniture, refrigerator or stove.


Orange is an invigorating, warm, friendly color. It is the most versatile of all, so you can use it in all rooms without exception. Orange works really well in living rooms, as it is not very distracting and does not steal the focus. Try paintings or photographs in massive orange frames, and if you feel more daring, paint all the walls in a light orange color.


Violet is a very intense color associated with luxury and wealth. Saturated shades can distract attention and suppress a little psychologically, but if you pick up a calm tone, such as lavender, it is perfect for any kind of decoration. Lavender is a very delicate shade of purple, and it does not distract attention, so you can safely paint the whole room with this color. Lavender perfect for a living room, as this color helps to calm down and relax.


Pink is a soothing color that is primarily associated with love and romance. Since it helps to calm down and relax, pink is the perfect color for the bedroom. You can paint all the walls with a light pinkish tint, but avoid an excessive abundance of this color so that the room does not look too feminine. If this is too bold for you, paint the bed frame pink or pick up a nice shade of curtains for your windows.


Black is a color that carries power. In large quantities, it can be very intense and all-consuming, but if you pick up a few elements of black, they will give your room a refined atmosphere. Try black towels or a laundry basket in your bathroom to create a stylish and chic interior.


Gray is a very neutral and formal color that is perfect for a home office or bathroom. To make the decor not look too pale, add only one gray wall in your office to create a professional impression.


White is often associated with virtue, purity, and minimalism, but it can also be considered as a very bleak color. Add some white in the bathroom and kitchen to create a feeling of cleanliness, but don’t use it too much, as white takes away the personality from any space. White home appliances – the easiest way to add a little white color to an apartment.


This color is similar to white in its simplicity but has much more heat. Ivory is an excellent option for wall decoration, as it makes the room appear larger, brighter and fresher. Try not to use ivory-colored furniture, as it will not take long for it to become noticeably dirty.


Beige is best used to show other, brighter colors in contrast. It makes the room calm and even stylish. You can use beige in any room without exception.

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