11 Innovative Ways to Decorate Small Kitchens

Kitchen RenovationsWe all love to have a well-decorated kitchen. However, people with small kitchens often find it hard to decorate their kitchen due to space constraints. Fortunately, there are many creative ways in which you can adorn your small kitchen, if you have one. A small kitchen has its own charm, and when decorated well, it can boost up the aesthetic appeal of your entire home.

Here are some decoration ideas to spice up the look of your small kitchen:

1. Stunning Backsplash

Have a subdued kitchen? Add a touch of glam to it by having a stainless-steel tiled backsplash. The shining backsplash can add a unique personality to your small kitchen area.

2. Showcase Collections

If you have some space between the cabinets, add a few simple shelves there and display a collection. You can include die cut items in this collection. If you are good at using die cutting equipment, you can create different paper or fabric items by die cutting. They would make great kitchen decoration stuff.

3. Display colorful stuff

In a kitchen with a single wall, you can make the room appear spacious by having open upper cabinets. These cabinets are also a great place to display colorful dishware, accessories, potted herbs and other stuff. The things that you don’t want to display can be stored in closed cabinets.

4. Go for colorful walls

Give a cheery color coat to the walls, if you have a basic kitchen. If the rest of the kitchen is white, color the walls in kiwi-green, yellow or any other cheerful color.

5. Opt for bold textiles

This decoration idea is suitable to all-white kitchens. Cover the window with a curtain featuring bold colors like yellow, orange and red. Place accessories in these vibrant colors on open shelves and other places. You can also use a die cutting equipment for creating accessories in these bold colors.

6. Play with patterns

This is another great way to spice up the look of an all-white kitchen. Use a black-and-white patterned wallpaper to cover the walls from the counter to ceiling, attracting attention towards the high ceilings. Behind the sink, place glossy black tiles to safeguard the walls as well as the wallpaper from splashing.

7. Add style above

Apart from countertops and cabinets, add some style above by going for unique pendants and patterned drum shades. With appealing light fixtures, the kitchen space would get a sophisticated and distinctive feel.

8. Go beyond just removing shelf doors

Rather than just removing the cabinet doors and featuring the dishes, adorn the now-open shelves with pretty glass containers, bins, and textured baskets. The glass containers neatly keep your essential items on display, while the baskets lend color and texture.

9. Get a plate rack

Plate racks are quite common in traditional kitchens in cottage-style. Putting a plate rack is an interesting way to break up a series of cabinetry, and display pretty dishware.

10. Opt for patterned tiles

Patterned tiles on the backsplash add a movement and personality to a kitchen that has its major part in white. You can choose a color scheme according to your preferences for the patterned tiles.

11. Place colorful stools

Place a line of simple stools painted in turquoise. The stools will then become your kitchen’s focal point and would enhance its appeal.

With these decoration ideas, you can interestingly enhance the appeal of a small kitchen. These ideas are easy to apply, and won’t need you to spend a lot. So, the next time you undertake a kitchen decoration project, implement these ideas.


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