10 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Big

Everybody likes to have free space to move around the kitchen. Even people who don’t use it that often would find it uncomfortable to maneuver in a narrow kitchen. The feeling is like you’re a bull in a china shop. And what about those who love to cook and spend a lot of their free time in the kitchen? Well, exactly, for this reason, here are 10 useful tips to help you make any kitchen feel more spacious than it is.

  1. Let air in

You have a small kitchen, therefore, you don’t have plenty of space for kitchen appliances, pots, pans, dinnerware, etc. So when you’re designing the kitchen, you think you need more cabinets. But no you don’t. Adding more will only make space feel less. Make sure you have a free window you can open and let light in.

  1. Declutter the worktops

You know how any room feels smaller when it’s full of items you don’t need? Well, same applies here. Rather than having piles of dishes and cups everywhere, put everything in the right cabinet. This way the worktops will be fully visible and leave the impression of more space than there is.

  1. Leave space between cabinets

Again, if you place cabinet next to the cabinet, it would feel a little claustrophobic. Seeing the wall between cabinets will leave the illusion of more free space. The light will also reflect on that available part of the wall and make the whole room appear bigger.

  1. Open cabinets

Rather than having doors to all cabinets why not get one or two open cabinets? Or if you’re just renovating your kitchen – take the doors off. It is quite simple and easy – just unscrew the bolts. Fill the cabinets with plates, vases, cups but still leave a little space for the back wall to be visible. If you don’t find this secure or it is not your style – glass doors is also a classic option that looks beautiful.

  1. Choose one or two colours

The more the colours, the messier it looks. For your small kitchen pick one or two colours that go well together and stick to them. Don’t get a red fridge, yellow rug, white oven, beige worktops, grey sink, etc. Did you get a headache just from reading this right? Exactly. Keep it simple – match the fridge, the oven and cabinets.

  1. Paint it in light colours

We all know that darker colours make the room smaller. That’s why it is advisable for bathrooms to be in brighter colours. Paint your kitchen in yellow, light green, beige or white – anything from the bright colour palette. They all reflect light and make a room airier.

  1. Let the light in

What room doesn’t feel bigger with many windows? That is why recently built modern houses are all windows. Try this in your kitchen too. If you have a window or a door, don’t put heavy dark curtains. Instead, hang valances that cover only a small part of the window or use sheer curtains.

  1. Think of the floor

What about it? You ask. Well, having a carpet or a rug with the wrong pattern can make your kitchen feel cluttered. The most optimal choice here are gloss tiles – they reflect the light from outside and make the room sunnier, therefore, bigger.

  1. Buy smaller furniture

Having an extensive round table in the middle of a huge dining room/kitchen is amazing. But placing a big table in a small kitchen is just impossible to consider even. Having said that, if you have a table with chairs in this room, opt for fewer chairs and tinier table. This way there would be more room for air and the whole room wouldn’t consist of just a table.

  1. Vertical lines

In any possible way. Even placing a painting that is longer on a free wall makes the place feel bigger. Vertical lines on the floor – with a carpet or tiles. Taller rather than wider cabinets will also have an impact on the feel of the room.

You may not be able to do all of these tips in your kitchen but don’t worry. Using even a part of them will still do the trick. A smaller kitchen doesn’t mean food that doesn’t taste well, right?


If you have any questions, please ask below!