10 Fresh Decorating Ideas for Cottage-Style Homes

Cottage-Style HomeCottage-style homes have a special natural coziness, comfort, purity and charm. If you have a cottage-style home, and are looking for ideas to upgrade its look and feel, there are many from which you can choose. To make things easier for you, here are some innovative decoration ideas you can implement in your cottage-styled home.

1. Opt for natural elements

A charming aspect of living in a cottage-style home is its bare-boned, simplistic and natural style. Instead of covering the walls with artwork, cover them with salvaged pine boards. Not only do they have architectural beauty, but they also have a distressed and earthy look because of the little discolorations and imperfections on them.

2. Use a sanding block

A key element of cottage-style decoration is weathered and distressed furnishings. Though you may find a great furniture piece in auctions, thrift stores, yard sales or scouring flea markets, however, don’t overlook a piece you may already have. A sanding block can prove to be of great help in case you just wish to roughen up the furniture edges a bit, thereby adding some style and character. For a generations-old appearance, you would need a bit more time and few more materials. The resultant product would be worth the hard work.

3. Use opposites

Opposites attract. The same goes for décor too. Marry opposites when decorating to get some extent of balance. You can go for combinations of glossy and muted, antique and contemporary, and the likes. In your dining room, you can surround the table with rustic, ultra-casual wicker chairs. This would give the space a cozy appeal.

4. Add die cut decoration items

Paper and fabric crafts made by die cutting can make great decoration items for a cottage-style home. If you are proficient in using a die cutting equipment, you can cut out paper and fabric in different designs, make scrapbooks and other craft projects, and use them to decorate the rooms.

5. Cottage should be cozy

When you come inside a cottage-styled home, you should feel that you are right at home. The natural materials in the home and its neutral color palette should cheer up your senses instantly. The space should have a comfortable, livable and easy look and feel. Throw a comfortable slipcover over the sofa, and place many throw pillows to enhance the cozy and comfortable feel. The materials of choice are linen, wool and burlap.

6. Let the rooms shine with flowers

Flowers are quite common in cottage homes. A great way to brighten up the feel of your rooms is placing different fresh blooms in them. Flowers and plants are natural elements suitable for homes in this style.

7. Paint the floor

Feel free to grab a paintbrush and apply a coat of paint on the wooden floors. If you have salvaged pine boards over the ceiling and walls, choose a contrasting color for the flooring.

8. Add a splash of color

In case any of your rooms or the bathroom employs a color palette of white-on-white, you can spice up its look by adding a splash of color. You don’t need to add something expensive or permanent, something small will do the job, like a grass-green chair placed at the corner.

9. Mix and layer patterns

Unleash your creativity. Feel free to mix and layer varied patterns in different colors. For this kind of décor, the ideal backdrop would be crisp, white walls.

10. Treasure the stuff you found

In homes of cottage-style, the found objects usually become the focal point in a room. Whether it’s an attention-grabbing find placed over the mantel, or distressed shutters in robin’s-egg blue hanging in your kitchen, an inexpensive or free found object can add a charm instantly to any space.

So, if you are thinking about decorating your home, these ideas will help you. Easy to apply, they can amazingly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cottage-style home.


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