10 Amazing Penny Tile Design Ideas

You might get retro vibes when you look at penny tiles, and that could be because they date all the way back from the early 1900s. Although they were originally used for flooring, today you could see them almost anywhere in the home. Because they’re so readily available in a wide range of colors, sizes and patterns, they’re well-loved by homeowners and interior designers.

For anyone who’s interested in history, the backstory of how penny tiles came to be is quite interesting. The time period of when penny tiles (also known as penny rounds) became popular was when people’s awareness of illness and germs heightened. This fear of germs lead to penny tiles in bathrooms always being white. People believed that with white tiles, germs would be easier to spot.

We’ve certainly come a long way since then with the tile colors and styles available now—you can find them as glass tiles or porcelain tiles and in any shade of colour you can imagine. Penny tiles are a great addition for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom flooring, wall tiles and much more.

Take a look at the amazing and different ways you can incorporate penny tiles into your home.

Add a Huge Splash of Color on the Kitchen Backsplash

kichen backsplash with penny tiles
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You can’t go wrong with penny tiles as your kitchen backsplash. As a backsplash doesn’t occupy so much space, the tiles can be a subtle and elegant addition to the kitchen. Or, if you fancy, you can make a huge splash with bold colors or by using different shades and colors to contrast one another like this kitchen backsplash above.

This is a Statement Wall that Demands Attention

penny tile bar wall
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Look no further if you’re seeking an idea that screams for attention and ogling eyes. Tile one of your walls in the kitchen or dining space that displays your favourite glassware or alcohol. The lighting that hits the tiles adds an ample amount of shimmer and glam that illuminates the glasses in this example above. This idea would make your glassware and bar shine even more.

Keep it Clean & Simple with Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom Backsplash

bathroom penny tile
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Another welcome room that would tie in penny tiles easily is the bathroom. Add in that retro flair to your bathroom using penny round ceramic tiles above the sink. You can’t go wrong with a simple and clean look.

Make Your Bedroom a Stunner

penny tiles on bedroom wall
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Here’s another way to use penny tiles as an accent wall in the home. It adds a rich and chic look to this bedroom. The use of lighting is also another way to truly illuminate these beautiful tiles. This is a great example on how to make a bedroom look both warm and glamorous all at once.

Mix & Match Tiles for Contrast

mix and match penny tiles
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There’s no need to commit to just penny tiles. They’re incredibly versatile in that they can be used as accents in the bathroom since you can combine them with other tiles. By sticking to neutral colors like the design above, you can mix and match different tiles without creating a really busy or overwhelming appearance.

Tile an Unexpected Feature of Your Home

mix and match penny tiles fireplace
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If you’d really like to do something unexpected, then think about tiling your fireplace with some penny rounds. This area is one of the least likely places where you’d find these little buggers, but why not? It looks striking and it works.

Combine Wallpaper & Tiles for an Elegant Bathroom

penny tiles in bathroom
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This pretty and feminine bathroom incorporates ornate wallpaper and a clean palette of penny tiles. The wallpaper choice is bold and beautiful and the tiles add a nice, shimmering touch to the whole space.

Get Creative with Columns & Beams

kitchen penny tiles
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Beams and columns in a home or condominium already give the space an industrial and modern feel—by tiling these columns with penny tiles, you’ll add a hint of an eclectic and vintage feel as well. You might as well work with what you’ve got in a room and make it stand out when you can!

Use Penny Tiles as Accent Features

A little bit can really go a long way. Penny tiles as accent features adds a pop of color and texture to walls. Depending on the grout color and the spacing in between the tiles, it’s all up to you if you want to create a busier or more streamlined appearance.

Spruce up the Shower Area

shower penny tiles
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Turn a boring shower into something totally different with a cool color of penny tiles. This is a good way of keeping the rest of the bathroom simple and neutral, but you still get that injection of color within a confined space.


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