Why you should get Artificial Living Walls

wrfqrwfqrfNothing makes a garden look fresher than a wall covered in plants – but having to take care of it does have its downsides. To get the same aesthetic value, while saving on water and trimming time, an artificial living wall is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.


A vertical garden delivers a strong visual statement. It creates a fresh, vibrant energy in a room, which can change the entire theme of the place. The wall can also be used as a business tool to draw focus to certain external features, such as a logo. The use of greenery to emphasise a central piece will enhance the visual attraction of your logo and potentially entice new clients.

Similarly, adding a green wall to your home will help to differentiate it from other properties. As a result, it will create a lasting impression on potential buyers and increase the house’s market value.

Because the plants aren’t real there is no need to consider things like water and sunlight when you decide where to put them, which means that you can have them anywhere in your home (hot tip – they can make a bathroom look and feel like a jungle).

Plastic plants also introduce the possibility for easy adjustment. As your taste varies or you become eager for a change, you can effortlessly shape or size your flora feature to suit your desires. This means your feature can morph from a straight hedge to a curvaceous masterpiece with just a little bit of skilful work.


Fake foliage means that you get all the visual benefits of having plants around your home, with none of the maintenance problems. You don’t need to think about where they will best grow, you don’t need to water them and you don’t need to trim them. You also know exactly what the product will look like when you buy it, unlike real bushes and ferns which can change shape or not grow properly.

The artificial plants also eliminate the need for fertilisers and pesticides. As a result, you avoid exposure to the chemicals and fumes associated with these substances. Not only does that make your home a healthier place, but it’s also kind to your wallet.

If you have an outdoor room or a barbeque space, or even just a small courtyard, an artificial living wall can make it look like a beautifully maintained garden with minimal effort.


You can find artificial living walls for anywhere between $50 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the size and type you want. Subsequently, you’re sure to find an arrangement that perfectly suits your space and budget requirements.

Given the maintenance benefits of fake foliage, you are also freed of the cost burden associated with all the general conservation of real plants. So after you deal with the original purchase cost, your long term finances are unaffected!

Noise absorption

Believe it or not, fake green walls can actually be used as a noise absorption strategy. Whether it’s to drown out the over enthusiastic kids squeals at kindergarten, or allow workers to concentrate better in the office, artificial living walls will actually make it happen.

For years, plants have been used as a noise reduction device along highways. As an extension of this idea, fake plants are now being used domestically for the same purpose. Vegetation has the ability to block high frequency sounds, while also absorbing acoustic energy.

There are many benefits of artificial living walls that you may not have considered. So save yourself the hassle of real plants and look into the easier, cheaper and more practical version!

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