Why It’s Important to Plant Trees Now, More than Ever

No matter how much Trump denies but climate change is for real. Global warming is the truth and the sooner we all accept it, the better. According to statistics, 800 Million people that make 11% of the world population are vulnerable to climate change. This includes droughts and heatwaves.

Scary Facts

If you think that the signs of global warming are not evident as of now, the following statistics will shock you beyond words:

  • 11% of the total greenhouse gas emissions are a result of deforestation.
  • The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was recorded the highest in 2018 in 3 million years.
  • 2016 was the warmest year ever recorded.
  • In 2012, the summer sea ice in the Arctic shrank to the lowest that it ever did.
  • Earth’s polar ice sheets are also losing mass.
  • There has been a 7” rise in the global sea level in the past 100 years (source)

Since deforestation is also among the leading causes of global warming and climate change, let’s have a look at the many ways planting trees can make a difference.

How can Planting Trees Make a Difference

Community and Social Value

Trees not only add to the ecological value but also social values. The time that we live in, almost everyone is suffering from depression or is dissatisfied with what life has to offer. Whether it is the workload or an aim to get the best grades, individuals these days are under a tremendous amount of stress. And if we aim at planting more trees in the parks, playgrounds, and streets that we reside in, we can help promote healthy living.

Taking a walk in places where trees are in abundance can be stress-relieving. The trees help to create an environment that is peaceful apart from being aesthetically pleasing as well. Moreover, planting trees alongside roads can also help to reduce the heating effect that the commercial buildings and pavements cause.

Personal and Spiritual Value

You will notice that every time you are in a place that is full of natural greens, you will a sense of delight. The greens are an instant mood lifter. Trees are so vibrant in themselves that every tree displays a different color according to the season. These trees are also responsible for triggering feelings of comfort and relaxation in us.

At times, people also make an emotional connection with trees. Whatever the case may be, the fact that trees are a source of happiness cannot be denied. They enable you to meditate and drift into a world free from all the worries for some time. Hence, allowing you to think beyond the worries of this world and create a spiritual connection with them.

Ecological and Environmental Value

Trees provide us with oxygen. Thus, improving the overall air quality. Not only this, but other environmental benefits that planting trees include climate amelioration, preserving soil, conserving water and saving wildlife. According to research carried out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an acre of forest aids in absorbing six tons of carbon dioxide while putting out 4 tons of oxygen.

Moreover, the trees also help in filtering the air that we breathe by absorbing the various pollutants including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon dioxide. The rain then further washes these particles down. Thus, freeing the air from all the harmful pollutants.

In case, you are wondering how trees help to control the drastic climate changes, then trees moderate the effects of the sun apart from providing a shield against the harsh wind. In addition to all these benefits, trees also prevent soil from eroding. Not only this but they prevent any sediment from depositing. Hence, reducing the chances of floods.

The Takeaway

The crisis that the world is currently facing asks of us to take immediate action and promote tree plantation. Global warming and climate change are causing animals to move from their natural habitats and many species of animals are dying. They will eventually become extinct. The day is not far when we human beings will start dying as well. Not that global warming is not affecting us already.

But we should prepare ourselves for worse if we do not act today. Only yesterday I came across the best deals and the thought of having to spend less excited me. However, later yesterday night it struck my mind that what difference will all these deals and promotions make if there will be no life left on Earth. Not trying to be emotional, but we are heading towards our doom.

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