What is Pest Control?

Pest control basically refers to the controlling regulations or the preventive measures taken for the management of pests. Pests are insect-like creatures that belong to the animal kingdom and often intervene and impact human activities’ normal functioning. Pests are not entirely harmful, but when they start to create massive problems for the smooth functioning of human activities, humans often feel the need to completely eradicate these pests. Pests can often destroy agricultural products, including crops, fruits, and vegetables, as well as the interiors of houses and buildings. Different pests cause different kinds of harm to their surroundings.

Pest Control in Agriculture

Sources often report that pests’ excessive presence has harmed different kinds of crops, fruits, and vegetables. In the case of agriculture, preventive measures are taken in the form of cultural, chemical, and biological means to control these pests. Proper plowing and taking care of the soil may help in avoiding pests from living on the main crops. In the previous years, massive amounts of pesticides were being used to save the crops from pests. But in the modern times, the use of pesticides has been reduced to the minimum quantity as it has been identified that these pesticides are extremely harmful for human beings and other animals that feed on these crops.

Pest Control in Homes and Cities

It is often found that unwanted insect-like creatures make their homes inside residential buildings, shops, and other public and private areas. These creatures might damage the structures of the buildings, any goods, and products or foodstuff present inside these places by feeding on them. Such damages might also result in significant economic losses and might cause a lot of trouble to humans. To avoid these circumstances, most of the houses or properties make sure that they perform pest control at least twice a year. Other forms of pest control might include proper sanitization, use of repellents, and industrial pesticides.

Pest Control in Industrial Areas

Most of the industrial areas are producers of massive amounts of goods and products which are very important to be saved from any kind of pests and insects. If pests in these industrial areas keep growing in quantity, it might end up causing massive economic losses and might become a significant problem for the owners. Thus it is very important to conduct pest control regularly in these industries. These Industries also use industrial pesticides to control the growth of pests inside and around the industries. Besides regular pest control, it is also very important to perform regular sanitization of the area and maintain proper hygiene within the vicinity of the industries.


Pest control is performed regularly inside and outside the cities to maintain proper hygiene and quality of products and living. But the materials or chemicals used for these pest controls might prove to be very harmful to human beings and other animals around. Every country has its own guidelines and laws regarding permissible pest control methods, and it is vital to follow them.

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