Unique DIY Ideas for the Perfect Garden

frfeqrfeqWhen it comes to our gardens, some of us are very proud of our spaces. Whether its well-kept greenery or the furniture we spend time caring for to ensure it survives the elements, some of the best, most relaxing spaces happen to be in our gardens. But keeping a tranquil, well-maintained garden can be expensive. Nevertheless, it may actually improve the overall value of your property. Luckily, we’ve collected together some of the most unique and simple ways to create the perfect garden.

Light up your trees and furniture!

Whether your garden is filled with trees, or teak garden benches, twisting some outdoor string lights around them can make for a whole new tranquil feeling to your space. This charming DIY idea doesn’t require much DIY at all. In fact, all you need to do is buy the lights and work out what features of your garden you want to light up. You can create romantic, enchanting spaces that are not only charming to be in, but stunning to look at from inside your home.

Make bird feeders… with wine bottles!

This DIY really depends on which set of instructions you go with, and whether or not you already have some kind of bird house. Whatever the case, a wine bottle bird feeder not only gives you an excuse to buy a bottle of wine – and drink it! – But gives you a cute, simple way to attract birds to your garden. If you’re a fan of wildlife, this really is the perfect DIY and really won’t take you long at all. You can even do this with plastic bottles if wine isn’t your thing.

Spray paint your old furniture for a new lease of life.

This works for practically any bit of furniture in your garden. Dirt-stained plastic chairs are unfortunately pretty much a fact of garden furniture life, but with a spritz of weather-proof paint, you can give your perfectly functional furniture a whole new lease of life. Spray paint foldable chairs a different colour each to add a little fun to garden parties or just because you can! The same can be said for tables and benches, so get painting!

Light up your fences

We’ve already told you to light up your trees and furniture, but have you thought about lighting up your fences? No, we don’t mean on fire, or with fairy lights. Instead, try drilling holes in your fence – only small ones – and then stick a small marble in each hole. When the sun shines on your fence, it’ll leave a stunning light effect over your garden floor, and light up your fence without the need for a power source.

Make walkways with old wood.

If you have areas of mud and soil in your garden, using old wood to create walkways if they’re needed can be a rustic, unusual way of ensuring people keep their feet clean! But you don’t need to have an island of grass to reach. Put wooden walkways in a corner of your garden for a unique area for relaxation. Be inventive, especially if you have children. Wood for hopscotch or something similar can keep them entertained for hours.

Rain Water Collection

If there’s one thing there is often plenty of in the UK, it is rain, so why not make the most of it? Get a black outdoor bin with a lid and install a tap at the bottom. Then leave the bin with the lid off or place it near the downspout from the guttering and let it fill up with water as time goes on. Using this later on to water your plants not only ensures that your garden is kept watered even in the summer months, but it helps conserve water while you’re doing so. You can even decorate the container to match your garden theme so it doesn’t appear out of place.

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