Top Summer Bedding Flowers

When it’s summer, you know that it is the time to let your garden bloom with beautiful blossoms. And if you have a nice, small place in your garden perfect for bedding plants, you can create a little paradise of sweet scents and vibrant colours. And you know what; summer bedding plants does not always necessarily refer to marigolds and petunias. What about having some ideas on what bedding plants to plant this summer? One more thing; if you think that raising bedding plants require a lot of labour, ranging from germination to pricking out the seedlings, then you can think of a convenient alternative in the form of bedding plug plants, which are available with most of the quality nurseries.

Let's start looking at some pretty suggestions for your garden.

#1: Begonia


They are large, flamboyant, and available in a wide array of hues. Plus, being versatile, thrive both in the shade and sun. Though typically annual in nature, you can enjoy flowering way up to the time of first frosts. You would love to see them along the borders, beds and keep them on window boxes and hanging baskets

# 2: Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

Let these bedding plants for cottage garden climb up the nettings, obelisks and wigwams in your garden. You can even use the dwarf varieties of these fantastic plants as a ground cover for your borders. Enjoy their fragrance and treat-to-the-eyes vibrancy throughout the warm months.

#3: Busy Lizzie

Busy Lizzie

Have a shady garden bed or border? The purple, white, red and pink busy lizzies can be in your list of choice. The large flowers add much to the aesthetic factor of your garden.

#4: Geranium


They are hardy, love sunshine and therefore perfect for places experiencing heavy sunlight or dry climate. They bloom throughout the summer, until the first frost. You can find Geraniums, which are otherwise known as Pelargoniums in various forms, ranging from trailer, climbers and those remaining upright. No wonder that you can use them for borders, beds, as well as for obelisks, patio containers and hanging baskets. Choose either from the subtle varieties of apricot, lilac and rich burgundy to the vibrant varieties of red and pink, or consider a combination of bright and subtle to make a difference to your garden.

#5: Antirrhinum


Those having a choice for shapes and angles love the flower spikes in Antirrhinum, and those having a penchant for long lasting beauty appreciate its ‘pretty' extended flowering period. Moreover, children love these peculiar mouth-like vibrant beauties as when squeezed, these flowers open. Plus, Antirrhinum are available in various heights, from the dwarf ones (measuring up to 25cm) to the taller ones (measuring up to 35cm).

#6: Lobelia


There is something very feminine about the lobelias, which make them look like fantasy when hung from basket or kept in patio containers. But if you have a taste for finesse, then you can create a fantastic artwork by adorning those cool blue, white and purple lobelias at the borders. Blue lobelias can also impart an unconventional look to your garden bed.

# 7: Petunia


Half sturdy and colourful, the trumpet-shaped Petunias come in interesting patterns, like picoptees and stripes. If you don't have the time to tend to your bedding garden, any reliable garden services Fareham will be more than happy to help you out.

#8: Rudbeckia


Coneflwoers or Rudbeckias, no matter how you call these cheerful masses are ideal for late flower plantations. From July to October, Rudbeckias add an element of passion to your garden by means of their fiery yellow, orange and red hues. Cut a few of them and keep inside your indoor vase while going for a home-date.


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