The Quick Guide To Garden Styles

Gardening is not just a hobby, it is an art form. Gardens are a reflection of the designers, which makes them unique. In addition, gardens can be built for specific purposes – for example, a vegetable garden or memory garden. They can also be designed to honour a particular national style (for example, Japanese gardens) or invoke a feeling (for example, meditation gardens).

They also come in an assortment of themes (specialized gardens). It could be a tranquil water garden with fish and aquatic plants or craggy rock gardens with Alpine plans. The options are endless with garden designing and when you pick the perfect design, protect it with agarden fenceto keep critters out and the beauty in-tact.

What are the different garden styles?

If you visit any destination, you would see various types of gardens. Some with historical importance and other simple home gardens for outdoor enjoyment such as pavestone designs, water features, and driveways.

Gardens come in many different styles, they include:

Perennial gardens

Perennial gardens are designed to bloom the home exterior during a growing season. However, some are planted for their decorative leaves. Perennials add beauty to your garden, one season a year – waking up in the spring with greenery and flowers.

Annual Gardens

Annual gardens are a burst of flowers and colour all year round –from fall until spring. If you would like a garden that blooms all year round, this is a great garden choice. With regular watering, weeding, and deadheading, you can enjoy a garden all year round.

Bulb Gardens

Bulb gardens are made up of bulb flowers that produce beautiful spring flowers with maintenance. After their bloom cycle ends, divide the bulbs to prepare them for the next year’s planting season.

Container Gardens

This is perfect for gardeners who are just beginning and have small spaces. There is a mix of plants and flowers that you can grow in containers. You could also grow special plants like orchids and roses or herbs in containers.

Herb Gardens

This is a popular garden choice among homeowners who like to cook and enjoy gardening. A lot of cooking herbs that are annual and perennial can be easily grown in a garden that would come in handy when next you are whipping up a barrage of herb chicken or pesto.

Water gardens

In the not so distant past, having a water garden installed was complicated and expensive and was usually left up to the professionals. However, the introduction of new materials into the market has changed this – it is now possible for you to plan and plant your own water garden using preformed pools and flexible liners.

Shade gardens

No matter how hard you try, certain parts of your yard would be shaded. Although not a lot of grass or flowers will thrive in shaded areas, there is still some shade-loving vines, flowers, and groundcovers that you can use to improve and brighten up shaded spots in a yard.

Rose Gardens

This is where the flower that has inspired poets for centuries is grown. Rose gardens offer a lot of design options because there are various types and styles of roses to suit individual tastes.

Rock gardens

Rock gardens imitate Alpine mountainsides -they often feature mountain foliage and flowers, rough-hewn rocks and in some instances waterfalls. Rock gardens are perfect for interiors in your lawn that are sloped and would be will not be easy to mow, if covered with grass.

Gardening and your health

Taking up gardening provides you with many health benefits, all the digging, raking, squatting, lifting and bending burns calories and forces minor and major muscle groups in your body to work. In fact, half an hour a day of moderate activities in your garden has been shown to improve strength in joints, improve flexibility, decrease blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol and lower the risk of diabetes. What is so great about gardening is that it can be tailored to personal fitness goals and levels.

Gardens for specific uses

Gardens that are designed for specific purposes have dual roles, not only are they beautiful they also serve a function. For example, a herb garden provides medicine and seasoning, an orchard produces fruits and beautifies the landscape, a butterfly garden is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also draws in these beautiful insects for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Dany Tenenblat

    Very interesting blog post on garden styles. Landscaping is by all means an art form. When a gardener understands the importance of trimming, lawn care and maintenance. Homeowners are blessed with beautiful gardens. These are all great ideas for gardens that we will suggest to our clients. Thanks for sharing!

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