The Most Beautiful Garden Flowers

Flowers are amongst the most beautiful things and a great source of positive energy that nature has ever produced. Whether it is love or friendship, happiness or sadness, celebration or grief, life or death flowers are considered to be the best way to express our emotions and feelings. Nature has blessed us with thousands of colorful and amazing species of flowers found all around the world. Out of all the known species of flowers, some species have specially mesmerized us with their appearance, fragrance and other interesting qualities. Let's familiarize ourselves with the top ten most beautiful flowers available today and find out why, starting from the bottom.

White Plumeria FlowerPlumeria, also known as Frangpani, mostly seen in white color with yellow shades, read and pink colors. Plumeria originates from Latin America, Caribbean and Brazil, where despite its eye-catching appearance, it is considered to be a wild flower. Plumeria is also and grows in tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions. It has about eight species and is well known to bear one of the very and sweetest fragrances ever.
Cherry blossom flowerCherry Blossom is another very beautiful flower originating in the Himalayas and is found all over the world. It is also the unofficial National Symbol of Japan. Mainly grown during spring season, cherries grow with pink and white flowers. The cherry blossom flowers are one of the most beautiful sights to enjoy in full blooming tree.
Dahlia flowersDahlia is the next in the most beautiful flower list. It is a Latin American flower with 42 species and hybrids grown as garden plants. It grows in summers with attractive round petals in yellow, pink, lavender, orange and burgundy colors.
Hydrangea Flower in the front yardHydrangea is a beautiful flower native of South East Asian countries and has an old fashion charming appearance. It is very easy to cultivate in any type of soil and the best time to grow lasts from mid- summer time till the fall. It grows in clear and vibrant blue, pink lavender and frosty white colors which sometimes can be seen on the same plant as well.
Jasmine flowersNext comes the very famous Jasmine, commonly found all over the world and is well-known for its hypnotic fragrance and beauty. It grows as white and yellow flowers in tropical and sub-tropical climate in forms of vines, shrubs and small trees.
Lotus flower floatingAnother flower amongst the most beautiful is Lotus, originally from Tropical Asia and Australia. Lotus has been around for over 10 centuries and grows beautifully clean in the middle of murky water. It usually takes three days to grow and blooms for nearly half a day. The fully blossomed Lotus looks with mixed shades of bright pink yellow and purple colors.
Tulips in different coloursAt fourth position is the popular Tulip flower. It is one of the most cultivated flowers in the world with about 100 species. Mostly it is grown in pots and is used as fresh cut flowers with several beautiful mixed shades of red, pink, orange, lavender, purple and yellow colors. A fresh cut Tulip can maintain its look for up to seven days in a vase filled with water.
Lilly flowerLily stands third in the list, is an herbaceous plant and produces big beautiful flowers. Most of its species are native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere and some to the subtropics. Lily is a late-spring to summer flower and grows into eye-catching colors and spotted shades in the combinations of white, pink, dark orange and yellow colors.
Flowers of pink orchidOrchids are the second most liked flowers in the world. With over 2500 incredible species, orchids have become famous amongst florists all over the world. It is an ornamental and fragrant plant and represents love, beauty and strength.
A bouquet of red rosesRose is the top most beautiful flower in the world. With its sweet romantic fragrance and amazing appearance it has been the favorite and is considered as the symbol of Love and affection. Mostly found in Asia, it is a shrub with stem having thorns. It can grow easily in all climates but needs regular sunlight and water supply.

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  1. Nice set of flowers. Recently we have hydrangea flowers planted in front of our office. I am totally in love with them…

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