Recicling: How to Turn Junk into Alluring Garden Features

When people hear the word “garden”, all that comes to their minds is hard labour and mud. Most Londoners don’t see anything beautiful or positive into having some green space in front of your house or anywhere else around it. Everything is exhausting tasks and mud. That is wrong thinking!

Gardens are a lot more than labour and mud. By owning your own garden, you actually invite nature in your property, and nature gives it back to you properly, for taking care of her. Having a garden means supplies of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables; it means you breathe fresher air; you stay fit by dealing with the usual garden maintenance chores; you always eat healthy veggies; you have a place to organise a garden party or another social gathering and make friends with your neighbours. It is absolutely awesome! Oh, I almost forgot-you have a place on which to test different garden design ideas. You can express yourself with your garden design project. And you can put in use old unnecessary items, such as doors, windows, furniture, bicycles, and other stuff.

So, the recycling ideas:

Old doors and windows

arbour made from old doors

Have you ever thought of nailing down a few doors or windows one to another and turn them into an arbour? I bet you haven’t! But the idea is totally awesome. Especially if you expand it a little bit and paint and decorate the arbour. You can even turn it into a romantic spot for dinners with your beloved one. Plant a crawling or climbing plant close to the arbour, so that it can creep up it, and hang a few pots with different colourful flowers on the roof. You can even install a CD player with a few speakers in your arbour, so that when you are having romantic dinners you can listen to your favourite CDs. This idea rocks, folks!

Old tree trunks

tree trunk planter

If you have old trees in your garden which you have to remove, and if you don’t know what to do with the tree trunk, then this idea will fit your needs perfectly. Hire a carpenter and ask him to make a few square holes in the trunk, or do it by yourself if you have the skills and tools. Once the trunk is turned into a two or three-seated canoe, place it at an appropriate place in your garden and fill up the holes with soil. Plant different colourful flowers in it and wait until they grow up and bloom. Then you can take pictures of your alluring tree trunk planter and share them in social networks to inspire other people.

Old tyres

tyre planters

Tyres are great for planters. You can make different kinds of them. They are also good as features of outdoor children playgrounds. Bury them in half in the soil and paint the part of them that’s on the surface. Children will be able to jump on them and to run on them, in order to improve their balance. You know how Shao Lin monks train their balance, don’t you? It is almost the same.

Old Ladders


I bet that you have an old ladder at home which you will never use any more?! Oh, two of them? Well, why keeping them in your garage when you can turn them into a trellis and separate a relaxation area in your garden with them. Dig a hole, as deep as a quarter of your ladder and bury it well. Dig another hole perpendicularly of the first and bury the other ladder, too. Plant crawling and climbing plants between the two ladders and watch them how they invade the ladders. If you plant a crawling plant that blooms, your trellis will become even more beautiful. I forgot to mention that you have to lacquer the ladders before you bury them, in order to prevent them from getting eaten by termites. Install garden furniture in the shade of your trellis and you will have a splendid outdoor relaxation area.

Splendid ideas, aren’t they? I’m sure everyone loves them and most of you will try them. If you need help with the realisation of the above garden design ideas, don’t hesitate to look for help from expert gardeners. Most of them will not only help you, but will give you even more brilliant landscaping concepts.

If you have any questions, please ask below!