Optimizing Plant Growth with Container Gardening

Gardening is a hobby that some people love. However, most of these people often don’t get to engage in their love and passion because setting up and maintaining a garden is a process. Some people just don’t have the space to set up one. Container gardening is the solution if you fall under this classification. It takes away up to 50% of the work required to set up a garden and it enables you to enjoy your hobby at your own speed, preferences, and with whatever resources. Whether you live in a condominium or you have a whole backyard for your gardening, container gardening makes gardening more manageable and enjoyable, this type of gardening is like having your owngrow systemfor your plants. Here are a few things most people don’t know about the awesomeness of container gardening.

Space Issues

Container gardening optimizes plant growth by taking away space issues. It essentially involves growing plants in containers. These containers can be of different shapes, and sizes. However, they are not just any containers because for a plant to flourish, some conditions have to be met. For instance, in as much as the planting takes place inside containers, you still have to create similar conditions for your plant just as it would have in the ground. The container has to have some holes to facilitate drainage. It should be made of a material that will allow water to spread out enough in the soil, but also not to drain too quickly so as to leave your plants without water for sustenance. Since you are growing your plants in containers, you can place the container wherever you like, depending on their sizes.

Easy Cultivation

By cultivation, I don’t necessarily mean tilling; I don’t mean it in that sense. What I mean is that you can easily set the growing conditions of your plants. For example, you can provide the best growing conditions for one type of plant without affecting the soil in other containers. The container with, say, your blueberries, could have a soil with a slightly higher pH, and that will be limited to that container. Your blueberries will grow happily, and plants in other containers will still have their space to do their thing. You can think of it as people having their own rooms to do their thing. Each person will have their space to do their thing and there won’t be any conflict because no one gets in the way of the other.

No Tilling

Tilling is a classic activity in gardening and it is something most gardeners don’t really enjoy. Furthermore, research has shown that it eventually ends up affecting and reducing the health of the soil. That’s why long-term gardeners have to keep adding nutrients to their soils periodically. Container gardening eliminates tilling by 98%. The 2% is just the little preparation you’ll have to do to make your plants comfortable. Otherwise, there is no tilling involved in this case. It means your plants will always enjoy a healthy soil that will invariably have all the nutrients they need to flourish, with little input from your side.

No Weeds (Kinda; Sort of)

Tilling is exhausting, and the thing that comes next to that is weeding. Weeding is a very annoying activity because it forces you to do things that you had not planned. Container gardening establishes a controlled environment; therefore, significantly reducing the chances of weeds showing up. It means, you may never have to deal with weeds, especially if it’s just a container or two, and if you’ll ever deal with them, they won’t be enough to cause you much discomfort. It means whatever plants you’ll be growing, you won’t have to be so involved with them, and they will be in a good environment to develop to their maximum potential.

Avoid Soil-Borne Diseases

Again, this is because your plants are in a controlled environment; a containment. Therefore, the chances that the soil in your containers may be mixed up with unhealthy soil are low. Chances are that most of the other surfaces around your containers will be of some other nature than soil; perhaps concrete, cement, tiles, slabs, or your containers may even be hanging somewhere. You can see that these conditions don’t facilitate any unhealthy soil mix-ups. That’s why container gardening is excellent for optimizing plant growth for those who just want something small and manageable.

Perhaps the thing I love most about container gardening is its portability. Regardless of where you live, you can do this. You could be in the middle of a desert, or somewhere in the most advanced cities in the world, where you’ll have to drive for miles before seeing any soil, but still, you can have your garden with you in its optimum condition. As long as you know where to get the resources you need for your plants, container gardening has much to offer you at an affordable price.

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