Oppotex 100 Weed Membrane under Driveways and Walkways

Oppotex 100 Weed Membrane is very often used as a preventative measure to prevent and discourage the growth of weeds. It can be used in gardens before planting to create organic weed free soil, under driveways, walkways, and pathways made from aggregate, pavers, bricks, or tiles. It is a manmade netting that will allow air and water to pass through but will not allow weeds to grow.

oppotex-with-frame-workThe Oppotex 100 weed membrane is extremely durable and can last up to fifteen years or more once buried. You can cover the membrane with dirt, sand, or mulch depending on the purpose for which it is intended.

Weed membrane is a very handy product that can save time and effort in preparing the ground for your project. After trimming away weeds or small shrubs from an area the next step is to clear away the debris from the area. The ground should then be clear and relatively flat. You can then go ahead and lay down the weed membrane. The edges will need to be secured with pegs.

For driveways, walkways, and pathways it would be a grave mistake to go through all the steps and not lay down the weed membrane. Missing this simple step can undo all the efforts of your hard work. Weeds and shrubbery can grow up beneath your aggregate or pavers and are not only unsightly to look at but can push the pavers or bricks out of alignment and overturn your neatly laid walkway and disrupt the pattern after the job is already done.


Very often in aggregate driveways, pathways, or walkways correcting the problem of pesky weeds once and for all means that the entire area may have to be dug up and prepared by using some type of pesticide or weed killer. Dig up the roots and then lay down a protective layer of weed membrane followed by a layer of sand to keep the surface area level and prevent the moving or shifting of the membrane along with pegs. The walkway is now ready for the tiles, bricks, pavers, or aggregate to be laid.

It is just as hard to get rid of the weeds, grass, or shrubs that grow in your walkway if you did not lay down the membrane. You can use pesticides and weed killers in an attempt to rid your walkway of these bothersome weeds. This can be a challenge and highly ineffective as the sprays are not able to get down to the roots to completely kill the weeds.

The result is that days or sometimes weeks after you thought you had solved the problem of the nagging weeds they are back once again. It is no easy task to have to undo all the work already done to lay down the weed membrane. Doing it right in the first place can save you the time, effort and expense of having to undo work already done.

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