Ideas For Your Spring Landscaping

9.inddWhen it comes to landscaping, believe it or not, the dead of winter is a great time for planning for spring landscaping. You can put this time to good use and think about how you would like your yard to look in the upcoming months.

Maintenance And Clean Up

Before breaking ground on your new landscaping project, you should first pick up any trash, leaves, sticks and any other yard debris that might have fallen on the ground during the winter. That will provide you with a clean slate so that you can completely concentrate on getting your new landscape designs brought to life and thriving in their new home.

If you have an irrigation system, now is a great time to check for any leaky pipes and damaged sprinkler heads, since these are problems that commonly occur during the cold winter months. Other maintenance issues include determining which garden tools need to be replaced, inspecting your outdoor spigots and servicing your lawn mower.

After your spring cleanup is complete, it’s time to get going on your new landscaping ideas.

Plant Flowering Trees

Planting flowering trees is a great way to take full advantage of spring. You will only have a short amount of time to enjoy their blooms, however when they do come into full flower you will be overwhelmed with how much incredible beauty they offer you.

Winter is the ideal time for planning this type of tree for next year. That way their roots will have time to set before winter and the cold weather hits.

A competent professional landscaper in your town can advise on the right tree selection for your locality.

Consider Shrubs

Another very popular kind of spring landscape are shrubs. In general they are long lasting and very durable which make them a great investment for your yard. Shrubs are also available in a number of different varieties. For instance, you might want to consider the sage brush if you live in a desert area. They not only produce fragrant and beautiful purple flowers but even during those months when they are not in bloom they are a very attractive soft green bush.

Get out your seed and plant catalogs and make a list!

Flower Bulbs

Before they bloom correctly, flowering bulbs must be planted for a long time. If during the fall you would like to have flowering blooms then you will need to make sure to plant them in the spring. You should also use this time to decide whether or not you want to set some time aside during the fall to plant bulbs that flower in the spring. You can find good deals on lily, tulips, and bearded iris bulbs for sale in time for the optimal planting season.

Choose A Fire Pit

Spring is almost here, so it’s a great time to consider install a cozy and warm fire pit in your yard.

You might be surprised to discover how many different designs and shapes fire pits are available in these days. There are so many different pits for you to choose from. They range from permanent fixtures to ones that are completely portable to use in different parts of your backyard. Portable pits are very popular and range in six from 25 to 60 inches.

Fire pits are available in various shapes including rectangular, square, conical and circular. Fire pit designs include the cross weave fireball and chiminea fire pits.

Sprinkler System Repair And Maintenance

You of course made sure that your sprinkler system was properly winterized last fall – right? You might not think there’s much else to discuss regarding your sprinkler system if you did that. Well think again!

During the dead of winter, there’s not much that can be done with your sprinkler system. However, you can plan for sprinkler upgrades and repairs. Many sprinkler systems are less than ideal. Bare spots on your lawn, broken sprinkler heads and other known issues need to be repaired and addressed. This is a good time for you to walk around your yard and detect any irrigation issues and have a plan for fixing them. You might be able to shop for repair and replacement parts right now – ahead of the spring rush! Once the ground has thawed, you will already have your parts and sprinkler repair plan ready to put into action!

If you have any questions, please ask below!