How to Make the Most of Your Gardens Decking

With the cold winter months, almost behind us, it’s time to focus our minds on the warmer days ahead and put some time and effort into our gardens. It’s very easy to neglect your garden throughout winter, but now the weather is starting to brighten up it’s time to get ready and make sure your garden is ready to accommodate to all of your summer needs.

One of the best features to enhance any garden is decking. Decking is a durable, practical feature that has many benefits for the garden and can be used all year round, which is a bonus! Your decking will only ever as effective or as attractive as you make it, however, so it crucial that you take considered and practical steps to ensure that you get the most out of this investment.


5 Ways In Which You Can Make the Most From Your Decking

Set a Budget

Thinking out a grand garden plan in your head can seem simple and easy to do, but it’s important to be realistic when it comes to adding a new feature to the garden. Before you make any plans for your decking, set yourself a realistic budget to work with, as this will ensure you don’t overspend or find yourself having to settle for what works at that time.

Decking Needs a Purpose

No matter how big or small your garden may be, if you choose to introduce some decking then you need to have a purpose for it. There’s so many different ways that decking can be used, from a social space to a play area or gardening spot, so deciding on a purpose will help you with the further planning of your decking. Decking is ideal for using garden furniture and having a dry, solid space to work with all year around. You can also use decking for storage purposes, a play area for your children and even a space to grow plants and veggies in a selection of stylish pots.

Choose the Right Material

Knowing the style and type of decking you want to have in your garden is the first step, you then need to decide on a material that is going to work for you and your garden. With the option of treated softwoods and hardwood decking timber, choosing the material that you feel will be best for the purpose you have in mind for your decking is key. Choosing softwood means you will need to re-stain the material yearly, which makes it slightly more high-maintenance than hardwood. Hardwood is beautiful and very durable, however it is a pricier option, so planning ahead is always essential to choose the ideal material for your decking.

Keep Your Garden Style Consistent

Every home is different, and the way you style your garden often reflects the interiors of your home. If your home is neat, tidy and modern then you may choose to go for a garden style that is simplistic with bold focal points that add character. If you prefer a garden that looks more countrified and farmhouse like, then you may want to invest in some traditional garden features from plant pots to wired metal seating that emphasizes the antique-like feel.

Keep Up with Maintenance

As mentioned previously, choosing the right material is key in ensuring your decking is durable and worth the money. Throughout winter you may become slack and neglect your decking a little, however when the weather warms up its important to keep on top of your decking’s maintenance to ensure it doesn’t begin to look worn or lose its colour. This requires a keen eye and no little elbow grease, but the important thing to remember is that a proactive nature and willingness spend helps you to get the most out of your decking for longer.

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